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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Almost-Something
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Jilly: Is this a great job, or isn’t it? Here I am in Germany and I’m with Almost-Something. But I can call you Ace, you say.
Ace: Yes, indeed. Welcome to Germany and thanks for the coffee.
Jilly: It’s become absolutely-something of a lovely ritual, full of so many surprises. And today’s is – well, how old are you, Ace?
Ace: I’ve just turned sixteen but I’ve been watching Crossing Jordan since I was twelve. In fact, watching the show has been very important to me – I think I’ve watched every single show.
Jilly: Beginning with …
Ace: … with the “Digger” episodes, and I was hooked straight away. I recorded them all. One day, when I had bought ten DVDs for just that purpose, my mum threatened to call Dr Howard Stiles.
Jilly: That’s drastic!
Ace: Good thing I didn’t pass on his telephone number!
Jilly: It seems to me, though, Ace, that you’ve got a wide range of interests.
Ace: I love music – in any shape, from classical to pop/rock. As long as it’s not too loud or too crazy. Except, maybe, Billy Talent. He’s my favorite artist – he’s allowed to be crazy.
Jilly: Art is a passion for you too?
Ace: Yes! But I think it’s nothing special, what I do, really. I’ve seen what the others can do –I’m just a small light compared to them. But I’ve got a good eye for colors and that helps.
Jilly: The way I read it, Ace, the VS7 group were thrilled that you showed interest.
Ace: It’s been great to use art to make a contribution. You know, I think art means writing as well. I write poetry and I like to read Edgar Allan Poe. I’ve even tried my hand at fanfiction.
Jilly: But you had to choose …
Ace: … and I chose to do graphics, because that’s what I do best.
Jilly: So VS7 interested you because …
Ace: … because I was so disappointed with the ending. When the show was cancelled, I cried for three days, I was so shocked. But now, when I look back, I’m glad they ended it the way they did before it got even worse. The last scene was … nice. Nothing more, nothing less. I wished for so many things, including solving Emily’s murder.
Jilly: If you had to pick a favorite scene, what would it be?
Ace: Hmmm … I think I’d go with the roof scene in “Payback” when Jordan tells Woody, “If you want milk and cookies, call your mum. If you wanna fight back, I’m your man!” It’s sweet how much they cared for each other back then, even though they couldn’t see it.
Jilly: So, you’re a Woody fan?
Ace: Love those blue eyes!
Jilly: Your own are pretty blue.
Ace: Not nearly as blue as Woody’s. Damn. I really need colored contact lenses.
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