Have you ever wanted to know how the artists of VS7 put together some of those images? Well, as we all could tell you, some are pretty simple, and others combine many images into one and require hours and hours to make.

Here, I (Harbor Runner) will take you step-by-step though two of my favorite images, from one of my favorite episodes to work on - Mightier.

And just FYI, I use Adobe Photoshop CS for all of the images I make.


First off is the image of Lily on the stage with Jeffery and the rest of the band.

Here is the finished image:

Finished image of Lily on Stage

In order to make this image, I had to take elements from several different images and combine them into one.

First, I took this image of Kathryn at a premiere and took out the background and used a cloning brush to give her more of a early 1950's hair style:


Then I took this image of a period evening gown and basically played paper doll by placing it on top of the image of Kathryn and then using her figure as a way to cut out sections of the dress that were un-needed and then I brushed on a set of evening gloves on top of her hands and arms. Next I added in the background of a curtained stage and a period microphone, along with shadows.

Gown  Paper doll  Lily Stage

Next I desaturated the entire image, used lighting filters to add ambience, altered the cut of her dress to make it a halter-style by using the clone tool again, and added in the flower hair piece. This is how the image was originally intended to appear.

Lily singing

But jmkw had a few other ideas up her sleeve. She wanted to see if we could add the big band in the back, with Jeffery playing the Louis Prima to Lily's Keely Smith - so step in the images below.

Louis Prima and Keely Smith  Lily and Jeffery

So I airbrushed out the watermark for the band image and used Jeffery's head in place of Louis', then flipped Lily's section of the image horizontally so she'd fit in with the rest of the band, and the finished image was finally done.

Lily and Jeffery on Stage


A lot of work, for one little image, right?


Next, here is the image of Garret / AKA K.C. Martin sitting in his private detective office.

KC Martin

This image, like all others, began as lots of pieces of lots of pictures all put together as one.

First off, I used an image of my very ideal of a private detective office - bonus points for you if you recognized the background of K.C.'s office as Mars Investigations, the office of Veronica and Keith Mars, from one of my other favorite shows - Veronica Mars.

Mars Investigations

In order to use this image, I obviously had to remove elements of the office (using the clone tool) that wouldn't have been around in the early 1950's - like the modern phone, the neon sign in the window, the newer stapler and plastic filing box. In their place I added in a few period pieces and changed the name plate from saying "Reception" to "Garret Macy" (this was before I knew Garret's character would have a different name in this episode).

Period Phone   Older office

Then jmkw requested a period fan to be added on top of the desk, the change in the name plate to "K. C. Martin" and I desaturated the image to black and white.

Fan  Black and white office

Then I took a screen capture of Garret from the show, thinned out his tie some, flipped him horizontally, added him into the office, and using a lasso to select sections of him that would fall behind things on the desk I erased those so he would appear to be sitting behind the desk. Then I added in the cigarette to his mouth and the smoke coming out from it to get the final image.

Garret  Finished image


So there you have it! Your tour through the making of at least a couple of the images from VS7.

We hope this was fun for you to see, and that it may have shed some light onto the many hours that each and every one of our artists put in to produce the images that went along with the fantastic scripts. We also hope that you enjoyed our work throughout the season and that the images helped bring VS7 to life, if even a little bit more!

On behalf of the VS7 artists - thanks to the fans for all of the compliments over the season - and a special thanks to the writers - for painting the images so clearly in our heads that we could put them down in a visual form.

-Harbor Runner