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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with BigCJFan

Jilly: So… it’s great to be back again to have coffee with the latest VS7 staffer!
Bigcjfan: And I’m really thrilled to be that person! When I saw Nyn’s post on Coffeerooms requesting some more help from artists, I couldn’t get an answer off quickly enough.
Jilly: You’d been enjoying VS7?
Bigcjfan: Oh, yes – and I love the music. Siskel and Ebert-like, I give it two thumbs up! No need here for a “dog of the week”. It’s been keeping the dream alive, hasn’t it?
Jilly: Sure has. I’m having difficulty distinguishing where Season 6 left off…
Bigcjfan: … and where Virtual Season 7 began.
Jilly: Yeah. Being left on a mountain seems more virtual now than what the team’s come up with.
Bigcjfan: Sure does. And ‘team’ is so right. The teamwork is incredible.
Jilly: Has anything really taken you by surprise?
Bigcjfan: It still overwhelms me at times that so many women are so willing to help each other when anyone’s stuck on something, or when you just need someone to boost your morale.
Jilly: And any surprises in the work itself?
Bigcjfan: Just how long it takes, probably. Creating the images, for example. Depending on the complexity of what’s needed, it can take anything from an hour to several days to make each one.
Jilly: Why’s that? Don’t laugh at me - you’ve got to remember, I’m a word person, not a picture person!
Bigcjfan: Well - for instance - collecting the images you’re going to work with can take ages. Then you’ve got to layer several images to make one. And sometimes you’ve got to alter them… adjust the colouring and hues and character position… to fit them all together and be happy with the final outcome.
Jilly: Just as well you’ve always been interested in Art.
Bigcjfan: Oh, I love anything to do with Art, and Publication. I’m hoping to go back to school to get a degree in editing. My dad framed the first drawing I ever did – I was four – because it looked like the grinch. Need me to sing that for you - You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch, You really are a heel. You’re as cuddly as a cact…
Jilly: Aah, I get the message, B. Been there, sung that. But, of course, Crossing Jordan’s another interest, isn’t it?
Bigcjfan: Certainly is. I caught it on A&E four years ago and was sucked into it from there…
Jilly: … not hard …
Bigcjfan: and, I have to say, Jill Hennessy’s right up there as my favorite actress.
Jilly: Favorite episode?
Bigcjfan: “Road Kill” from Season 5?
Jilly: What? A psycho says to Jordan and Woody “You two are more than colleagues aren't you?” And then Pollack turns up? A mad killer sees what should be and “others” refuse to! Woody just…
Bigcjfan: Shhh. Careful. When you say “Woody” around here, my roomy’s paper-fetching cat knows exactly what you’re saying. I think she really likes the show, too. She agrees with me – thinks Woody’s better with shorter hair.
Jilly: The cat likes Crossing Jordan?
Bigcjfan: Sits up here at my computer when I’m working on VS7 stuff. Looks at me if I say “Woody”.
Jilly: Did she get upset with the “rebound guy” moment?
Bigcjfan: Did she… ? What about ME? That ALWAYS fires me up. Every time I think about it, I want to punch Woody right in the nose! GRRRRRRRRRR!
Jilly: Oops. Watch it. The cat …
Bigcjfan: And that’s another thing about VS7. They’re getting it right and still managing to maintain tension and interest.
Jilly: And let’s hope they keep it that way. How’d we cope if Woody said something like that again?
Bigcjfan: Woody? Would he? Not Woody…
But it’s too late… the cat is going bananas.
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