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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with bourbon
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Jilly: Coffee?
bourbon: No, bourbon.
Jilly: Aaah – I mean –coffee, bourbon?
bourbon: Don’t mind if I do. Any excuse to sit down and talk Crossing Jordan.
Jilly: And how long have you been talking Crossing Jordan?
bourbon: Oh, since Day 1 – but I’ve been an addict since Season 2.
Jilly: An addict? So, define that for me!
bourbon: How’s this for size? At that time I had a newborn baby who used to wake up for nursing in the middle of the night -
Jilly: Indeed. Been there, done that.
bourbon: and the only way she’d get back to sleep was with the TV on, so we started watching A&E’s repeats of Crossing Jordan. I got totally hooked.
Jilly: So hooked that you started writing …
bourbon: Since 2004 – it’s been a great creative outlet. I love writing.
Jilly: Twenty one stories – and how many are WoJo?
bourbon: Oh, well … most of them. All of them? I’m a WoJo shipper from way back And I do love me some angst.
Jilly: Angst, indeed! All of those difficult Woody/Jordan moments must have left you deeply affected.
bourbon: Never! I’m a much more cheerful person than some of those stories might lead you to think. There’s much more going on in my life than (whispers) Crossing Jordan.
Jilly: Such as …
bourbon: Well – born and raised in the Philadelphia area. I’m married, with two rambunctious kids – a three year old and a five year old. And a wonderful husband – he’s in the US Air Force …
Jilly: ...overseas placement?
bourbon: Yes – and I do miss home. As much as I love Boots the Chemist and Tesco, I miss Target and Taco Bell. But there’s much to be said for the land of Shakespeare. I even like rain …
Jilly: …just as well …
bourbon: I’m a lawyer – but don’t hold that against me. I’m also an organist – play for my Church. Love reading – Alison Weir’s a favorite.
Jilly: Love her biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Any other hobbies?
bourbon: Come, now! Besides VS7 and raising kids – who’s got time for any other hobbies?
Jilly: Which brings us back to Jordan and Woody – you are going to see that VS7 sets things right, aren’t you?
bourbon: Hmmm. You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you. But … hold that thought. Hold that thought.
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