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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Emma
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Jilly: So. Coffee in Sweden. Talking about Crossing Jordan. Doesn’t get any better. And., Emma, I can actually speak some Swedish
Emma: You can?
Jilly: Oh, yes. “Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn børk! børk! børk!”
Emma: Jilly – that’s the Muppets! And I’m not a chef, I’m an artist. And, ironically, I’m probably better known on an Australian fanbased CJ board, although I’ve been a lurker on Coffeerooms for ever so long.
Jilly: So, how did you make the link with the VS7 crew?
Emma: Amazing stroke of luck, I call it. Registered on Coffeerooms to get Nyn’s email addy! I very eagerly (LOL) offered my services in artwork to help with the Virtual Season. I was bouncing off the walls when Nyn wrote back and said she wanted my help! I’d read stories by the individual Nina writers and the Nina group and was amazed by their talent. I feel honoured to be a part of the group …
Jilly: And so, here you are! But let’s go back a bit. You’ve been a CJ fan since …
Emma: …since the first episode. and that showed later here in Sweden than it did in the US. After “Jump, Push, Fall” I was out of myself with anxiety and became very spoiler dependent. They still haven’t shown all of Season 6 here.
Jilly: Know the feeling. But good things do come to those who wait. And VS7 is definitely a good thing. You’ve done some very special work so far. Your video trailer for “Hold That Thought” is absolutely attention grabbing!
Emma: Making music videos for a series is something I’ve come to love more and more.
Jilly: It’s grown naturally out of your love for art, hasn’t it?
Emma: Certainly has. I specialised in Art at Gymnasium – the three years of schooling after Grade 9 in Sweden. Then I moved on to a one year preparing art school, learning a lot of basics and also a whole new perspective of art and images in general. That gave me a springboard into an upper school, where I am now.
Jilly: So a lifetime’s interest in images and art is becoming your specialty.
Emma: It’s great. My mom’s an artist – that’s where my passion for art in general has come from and I’ve been playing around with Photoshop since I was ten. I’ve developed my own passion for making collages and manipulations. And the interactions between the writers and the artists on the team as the episodes are developed and refined is incredibly exciting and exhaustingly time-consuming.
Jilly: And what’s so special about Crossing Jordan that you’d invest so much time in this?
Emma: Oh, I love, love, love Jordan and the fact that she’s so not perfect. No-one in the morgue is …
Jilly: Now, if there’s a punch line to that …
Emma: … but somehow they seem to stick together. The second best character has to be Nigel. He’s always cooking something up. Got to love him! And, hard to explain, I actually liked Season 5 – something to do with the intensity of it, I think. Even if Woody was a complete ass at the beginning of it. Not that I loved him at the end, either, but it was better.
Jilly: Emma – what you are doing for VS7 is splendid. Good luck waiting for those exam results. Hope you get into that course you want.
Emma: I think I might be interested in a career restoring old paintings, perhaps.
Jilly: Well, your part in the restoration of Crossing Jordan is going to keep a lot of people happy. I think your friends on that board will be cheering you on. They’ll probably make you an honorary Aussie. Oi! Oi! Oi!
Emma: Is that Australian for “børk! børk! børk?”
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