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Episode #VS713

Auld Acquaintance

Crossing Jordan Virtual Season 7

“Auld Acquaintance”

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Jordan Cavanaugh
Woody Hoyt
Garret Macy
Nigel Townsend
Kate Switzer
Mahesh “Bug” Vijayaraghavensatanaryanamurthy
Lily Lebowski
Madeline Lebowski-Brandau

Jeffrey Brandau
Jordan’s Grandmother
Mrs. Freedman
Young Woman
Philip Monroe
Edward Jacoby
Morgue staffers







The Christmas Song - Nat "King" Cole


MORGUE STAFFERS are hanging winter holiday decorations: Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa. The camera moves down the hall until we enter LILY’S OFFICE. She and BUG are getting MADELINE ready to go get her picture taken with Santa Claus.

December 3rd

LILY is trying to fix a bow on the side of MADELINE’S head and sighing when the baby rips it off and stuffs it in her mouth. Again.

(light heartedly)
You’re crazy! I think she’s going to love visiting Santa for the first time.

She waits a beat as she tries to replace the bow in MADDIE’S hair.

LILY (cont’d)
Don’t you remember your first Santa visit?

BUG checks to make sure everything is in the diaper bag. He answers with a little exasperation, as they’ve clearly had this discussion more than once.

I told you Lily, Santa visits in my house consisted of my Dad dressing up in a big red fat man suit.

He gestures to his own face indicating how his father’s Ethnic Santa must have looked.

BUG (cont’d)
(rolling his eyes)
Do you know how silly that looked? It was like having — Krishna Kringle.

LILY laughs softly and picks up Madeline, putting the baby on her hip.

Well I think it’s sweet that he did that for you and-

LILY stops when her desk phone rings; we see her look at the caller ID which reads BRANDAU, JEFFREY. LILY looks at BUG, who leans over to read the caller ID and rolls his eyes.

LILY (cont’d)
Hello (pause.) No, no, this isn’t a bad time.

LILY glances over at MADDIE who has grabbed the bow again and yanked it out. LILY pauses as she listens to JEFFREY and reaches over to take the bow from the baby.

LILY (cont’d)
Uh huh… uh huh… oh that’s tomorrow, right? (pause.) Okay, we’ll make sure to have her ready… okay. (looks irritated and sighs) I said we’d have her ready. Yes. I have to go.

She hangs up with a sigh.

Jeffrey, huh?

He tries not to make a face in front of the baby.

LILY strokes back of MADELINE’S hair and looks pained.

Yeah. Calling to remind us that Maddie’s going to him for Hanukah tomorrow….

She’s staying with him until the 11th?

So I guess it’s good we’re getting her picture done today.

MADELINE looks between BUG and LILY and giggles happily. They share a look. They’ll both miss her a lot.


Garret is at his desk, on the phone. The camera moves closer. He pauses and frowns as he listens to an answering machine pick up.

Hey Abby, it’s Dad. (pause.) I was just calling to see how you were, what you were up to. (pause.) I… I know you’re busy with your new job in Philly and uh… I really do hope it’s going well for you sweetheart, and if you could make it up for… for Christmas, that would be great. You know I’d love to see you. (pause.) Just, give me a call back if you get the chance. (pause) I love-

GARRET holds the phone away as the answering machine beeps and he looks at the handset.

GARRET (cont’d)
- you, sweetheart.

As he hangs up, we hear a voice from his door and see that we have been looking at the room from JORDAN’S POV.

Things going okay for Abby?

GARRET turns in his chair and smiles tightly.

Far as I know. I haven’t talked much to her.

He pauses to sit up straighter in his chair and clear his throat.

GARRET (cont’d)
She’s busy.

JORDAN smiles knowingly and shrugs.

Least you two are finally patching things up. (pause) Seems to me she just needed to get out on her own.

She pauses reflectively, thinking of her own life moving around a lot.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Speaking of which, when’s the last time you talked to your dad?

He smiles, knowing she’s getting sick of his asking.

JORDAN opens and closes her mouth a few times; she looks around until she spots WOODY trying to sneak by her in the hallway.

I have to…I’m just gonna....

GARRET waves her out and JORDAN smiles.

(sing song)
You need to stop putting it off, Jordan.

Yeah sure, as soon as I can.

She pulls the door closed quickly behind her.

JORDAN strides off down the hallway toward her office.


JORDAN finds WOODY in her office leaning against the desk and shaking her snow globe.

Hey, when do you think we’ll get our first snowfall? I’m betting the week before Christmas.

He’s clearly trying to avoid talking about something.

JORDAN looks at his bright green coat and red sweater combo and pretends to shield her eyes from the reflection off it.

Let It Snow!

First of all…

She looks him over again in the coat.

JORDAN (cont’d)
(not-so-pleased manner)
Wow. And please, after being on that mountain I could do with never seeing snow again…

WOODY tips the globe over again and rights it with a smile.

Snow’s not all that bad.

He pauses and looks down into the globe a moment.

WOODY (cont’d)
I can remember a time…

JORDAN moves to take the globe and puts it down.

Alright alright, so — maybe a snowy day wouldn’t be such a bad thing….

She moves closer to Woody, stroking a hand down the front of his shirt and trying to look coy, but somehow we know she’s playing him.

JORDAN (cont’d)
You know—I was wondering when it might start snowing in Kewaunee this time of year.

She pauses when WOODY begins to squirm visibly at the mention of his hometown.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Speaking of Kewaunee, have you called to see what he’s doing for Christmas?

Have I called who? (off her disapproving look) Okay, okay, I’ll call him tonight.

Good, you should call him.

There is a beat and then she smiles.

’Tis the season, Woodrow.

You coming for dinner? I was going to make my famous spaghetti.

He flashes the dimples as he wraps his arms around her in a loose, comfortable hug.

Spaghetti? Yeah, that sounds great. You know I love your spaghetti.

She smiles slowly and taps his chin with a fingertip.

JORDAN (cont’d)
And then after dinner, when we’re all warm and fuzzy….


You’ll pick up the phone and call Cal.

WOODY gives her a little smile as he moves closer to her.

Oh, yeah?


She pauses and grins slightly.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Or else….

Or else what?

(smiles playfully)
Or else… no sleepover tonight. But seriously, you better be-

EMY enters from the office doorway. She looks embarrassed as she sees JORDAN and WOODY standing so closely together.

Oh…uh… sorry Doc—Doctor C, but there was a man…he um…he left this for you.

She holds up a white envelope with JORDAN’S name on it in calligraphy.

WOODY raises his eyebrows.

EMY (cont’d)
An elderly man.

EMY hands JORDAN the envelope and leaves.

WOODY is looking at the envelope in her hand.

Sugar Daddy?

JORDAN gives him ‘the look’. She shrugs and turns the envelope over a few times, cautiously.

Fancy paper.

She opens the envelope slowly and moves to the window to read it.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Either someone is getting married or… (groans) Oh, God, she wouldn’t.

She pulls the card out and drops her head back with another groan.

WOODY moves over next to her.

What is it? Who’s it from?

JORDAN looks like she’d like to crawl into a hole right about now. She looks at the card again as if hoping it says something else and she’s just read it wrong.

It’s from my grandmother. An invitation to her annual Christmas party.

WOODY smiles, picks up the globe and shakes it once more.

The camera zooms in on the snow falling inside the globe.

WOODY (voiceover)
’Tis the season.


Crossing Jordan Theme



December 4th

You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch- Boris Karloff


The camera takes a downward angle on the face of an elderly man, deceased, covered to the neck, lying on an autopsy table. Just looking at the frown on his face and the deep wrinkling in his brow, we know he wasn’t a pleasant man in life.

GARRET is standing beside the table, wearing a microphone.

Leonard Carmichael, 82 years old, co-owner of Carmichael Brothers Lending. Divorced, father of two and -

The camera cuts to JORDAN, walking in through the swinging Autopsy One doors as GARRET looks over at her.

(cutting in)
-one grouchy looking S.O.B. You know Lily’s in the conference room with one of the family members; nobody in this guy’s family wants to claim the body.

She shakes her head as she moves over next to GARRET and looks at the body lying in front of them.


GARRET turns off the tape recorder.

We’re here to judge how they died, Jordan, not how they lived.

He walks over to look at some slides and shakes his head.

GARRET (cont’d)
No witnesses to his death. The paperboy found him on his third trip to collect.

(shaking her head)
Ugh, he had to have been dead for a while…

Well, luckily for us the cold weather and Leonard’s refusal to turn his heat on left him well-preserved.

JORDAN shakes her head again as she crosses to look over GARRET’S shoulder as he continues to look at some fibres under a slide.

Wow, what a cheap old goat. I didn’t know they made these Scrooge-types anymore.

GARRET adjusts the microscope.

Well, regardless of what kind of person he was, it’s still our job to figure out how he died.

According to the ex-Mrs. Carmichael, you may want to check for a ten foot pole up his ass.

She looks back towards the table.

GARRET does not look away from the slides he’s studying.

Thanks. I’ll look into that.

He pauses as he senses JORDAN is not taking the hint and leaving.

Aren’t you needed in Autopsy Two?

Aw, come on, man, miserly Dickens character has GOT to trump (looks at her schedule) frozen Jamaica Plains John Doe.

She gives GARRET a moment to invite her to stay.

JORDAN (cont’d)
I mean seriously, not one family member has a nice thing to say about him.

She pauses to try to look over his shoulder at the preliminary notes he’s taken and are sitting beside him on the table.

JORDAN (cont’d)
And according to the brother, he doesn’t have a friend left in the world. His own kids haven’t even spoken to him in ten years because the old fart isolated himself from everyone who loved him.

(rolls his eyes)
If it makes you feel any better, I’m only doing a cursory exam, no slicing and dicing today. I’ve got four other families waiting on their loved ones to be signed out.

He hooks his thumb towards ‘Scrooge.’

GARRET (cont’d)
Mr. Popular here is going to have to take a number.

She sighs. It hasn’t softened the blow of having to go do her assigned autopsy.

GARRET finally lifts his eyes from the microscope.

GARRET (cont’d)
Autopsy Two.

JORDAN looks at the body on the table once more, longingly.

You get all the fun cases.

She pushes through the swinging doors to head to her autopsy.


The camera pans up on the front intake desk at the morgue as people shuffle by and we hear Jewish music as the camera moves over a plastic menorah. Just past the first candle we can see into Lily’s office


JEFFREY is picking Madeline up. BUG stands beside the door in the office; JEFFREY, just outside, with LILY between them holding MADDIE.

The camera continues to push in.

JEFFREY speaks curtly as he looks over at BUG.

Of course I’ll have her back for Christmas, it… it’s still 20 days away, Bug.

LILY hands the baby over to JEFFREY.

Jeffrey, he’s just being overprotective.

Of my daughter?

BUG stands and he and JEFFREY begin to argue; there are ad-libbed comments about each other and their place in MADDIE’S and LILY’S lives.

What’s the matter with you two? Ever since the wedding….

She looks at the baby, who is glancing from one angry face to another.

LILY (cont’d)

She pauses to look at MADDIE again.

LILY (cont’d)
...not in front of her. It’s the holidays.

BUG and JEFFREY look at each other, still angry, until MADDIE giggles and babbles at them all. Their faces soften and they both nod reluctantly.

Holiday cheer

Have a great first Hanukah, Maddie. Be a good girl. (trying to be light) No chewing on the dreidel.

I’ll have her back next week (pause.) And….and I’ll… we’ll call in a few days.

He smiles slightly; he’s trying.

LILY reaches out to rub the baby’s back and to give her one more kiss on the cheek.

Thank you, and really… Happy Hanukah. I hope it’s a good first one for Madeline.

Thanks. (pause.) Talk to you soon.

Together BUG and LILY give the baby a last kiss and wave as JEFFREY heads down the hall, with MADDIE looking over his shoulder with an impish smile as her father steps on the elevator with her.

December 6th


The dining room is reasonably full for a Thursday night. We travel through the front window to a table where JORDAN and WOODY sit, eating dinner. They are both looking out the window as they chew.

(hint of a smile)
I think you may be right about that snow, Woody. None any time soon according to the weather report this morning.

WOODY leans in and glances around the restaurant to make sure no one is listening closely to their conversation.

Um, Jordan… I don’t think you heard the weather report this morning.

(feigning ignorance)
Actually, I believe I did. They said it was coming up next right before I climbed in the shower and…

WOODY leans closer and reaching out to stroke a finger down the wrist of one hand straight to the tip of her middle finger.

… and then I followed you into the shower...

He pauses with a little smile and brings her wrist to his lips gently.

WOODY (cont’d)
...and neither of us would have been able to hear anything for quite some time… (smirks) … not the television… not a knock at the door or the phone ringing…

JORDAN pulls her hand back gently.

Speaking of phones…

She is trying to catch WOODY’S eye as he goes back to looking around the dining room

JORDAN (cont’d)
… come on, the ‘he didn’t answer when I called’ excuse can only work two, three times, tops.

WOODY sighs and runs a hand through his hair in that WOODY way.

I’ll try again at lunch tomorrow. He’s probably out doing…God knows what at night…

… he said he’s clean now. Don’t you believe him?

I do it’s just….

He trails off and runs a hand through his hair.

JORDAN sets a comforting hand on top of his.

It’s just… you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

A person lets your down once…

He looks out the window for a long moment.

WOODY (cont’d)
...you forgive them….

JORDAN nods. She’s been there, too. Hell, she’s been that person many a time.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me?

WOODY nods again and sighs before turning back to JORDAN.

Tomorrow. I will.

Jordan gives him a skeptical look and narrows her eyes.

WOODY (cont’d)
I’ll try, I promise okay?

He takes another bite of his food before something dawns on him.

WOODY (cont’d)

He points his fork at JORDAN with a frown.

WOODY (cont’d)
What about you? Have you RSVP’d your grandmother?

JORDAN mumbles some sort of response without actually answering him.

WOODY shakes his head as he chews the top off an egg roll.

WOODY (cont’d)
I don’t know what the big deal is. (shrugs) There’ll probably be two hundred people there... like she’s gonna be tagging along behind you the whole time?

He stops to wipe his mouth and then smiles.

WOODY (cont’d)
It’s a free meal… and I’d bet my next two paychecks on two words...

He holds his hands up as if reading a sign and grins

WOODY (cont’d)
‘Open Bar’.

JORDAN rolls her eyes at him and groans.

Nice to know your true motives, Wood.

She wipes her own mouth with a napkin.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Here I thought you were doing your boy scout routine, trying to get the kumbaya circle going in front of the camp fire and all you’ve got on your mind is free booze.

She rolls her eyes again when he smiles, letting JORDAN know that free alcohol is not all he’s concerned with.

(sipping his beer)
Why are things so tough between you and your grandmother?… I know she’s your mom’s mom, filthy rich and… (shifts uncomfortably) ...you haven’t really been a part of her life since you were a kid.

JORDAN nods and sets her fork down.

After… after my mom died...

She looks down at her plate.

JORDAN (cont’d)
... she tried to take me away from Dad.

WOODY thinks for a moment and then sets his own fork down.

Wasn’t Max initially...

He clears his throat nervously.

WOODY (cont’d)
... accused… at least brought in for questioning… when…?

He raises an eyebrow.

I know my father, Woody; you know my father.

She stops, as if thinking over the possibility again.

JORDAN (cont’d)
He didn’t do it. (pause.) She should have known that but instead she just looked at it as a way to get me away from him.

She starts to open a fortune cookie but instead drops it to her plate, annoyed.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Just like she tried to get my mom away from him.

WOODY says nothing, but we know he is waiting for her to continue.

JORDAN (cont’d)
My mom was sick… I’ve accepted that. (pause) I know she needed help and… and Dad tried to get it for her.

She looks out the window again and shakes her head.

JORDAN (cont’d)
My grandmother, she… she just wouldn’t see it. Didn’t want to.

JORDAN stops and huffs a laugh through her nose.

JORDAN (cont’d)
I guess she figured a crazy daughter might cramp her style with the ladies at the country club.

There is a long silence as WOODY clears his throat and leans back in his chair. He looks off out the window as well before looking back to JORDAN. When she turns her head back to him, he responds.

You know, my aunt told me a few years after my dad died....

He hesitates as he sets his napkin aside.

WOODY (cont’d)
... that it took up until after Cal was born and she started treatments for the cancer for uh… for Dad to accept that my mom was even sick.

He shakes his head and a sad smile forms on his lips.

WOODY (cont’d)
I never knew that.

JORDAN shakes her head as if she can’t even imagine what his father must have gone through.

He loved her, Woody. He was probably terrified at the prospect of raising two little boys on his own, not to mention losing the person he loved most in the world.

WOODY smiles softly; he reaches over to take her hand again.

So then w… well maybe my dad and your grandmother have something in common, huh?

With a little smile, he squeezes her hand gently.

JORDAN shrugs and squeezes his hand back, trying to smile.

I’ll think about it okay? I promise.

She leans over and kisses him on the cheek gently.


He smiles and nods when the waiter appears to ask if they’d like the check.

WOODY (cont’d)
Maybe you could call her when I call Cal.

JORDAN smiles a real smile, finally.





December 10th


GARRET is on the phone again and as we move in we hear what he is saying.

… Okay (pause.) No, no honey, I’m not mad. (pause.) You do what you have to do.

He shakes his head even though she can’t see it.

GARRET (cont’d)
If you don’t think you’ll be able to make it up for Christmas, then well…may … (beat)..maybe New Years. (beat) Okay. Yes, (smiles softly) it was still nice to hear from you, Abigail. (longer pause)

The camera pulls back to reveal RENEE WALCOTT standing in the doorway of GARRET’S office.

GARRET (cont’d)
Alright sweetheart, take care. I love you, too. Bye.

GARRET hangs up and spins around to his desk and startles slightly when he sees RENEE standing at the door.

RENEE walks in and sits down on the couch.

Abby not coming home? I’m sorry, Garret, I know you were looking forward to seeing her over the holiday.

She sighs and runs a hand through her hair and rubs her eyes.

GARRET stands up and goes to sit beside her. He studies her posture and narrows his eyes.

Rough day?

RENEE sighs again and looks at her watch.

No, it was just peachy , (smirks) and getting peachier. (pause) When did buying… toys become such a rat race again? I thought that ended with the Tickle Me Elmo rush of 96.

She leans back and looks at the ceiling before looking over at GARRET.

(smiling softly)
Last minute shopping?

Can’t you see how I’m knocking people over to get right to that?

(patented GARRET smile)

Those places are like a war zone this time of year. It’s…

(cutting in)
…Yeah, but once you see that kid’s face on Christmas morning all of the hunting and pushing and shoving other parents out of the way to get it makes the whole horrible process worth it, doesn’t it?

(laughs lightly and nods)
At least they’re easy to please at the toy stage. Let them grab a few things at the dollar store and you’re their best friend for life.

(nods in memory)
Enjoy it while you can. (beat) It just gets more difficult from here on out. I tell Lily the same thing.

Oh, so I’m not the only one partaking in your infinite wisdom?

Yeah, my “infinite wisdom”. (pauses.) As a deadbeat dad.

RENEE frowns and shakes her head.

Abby’s doing great from what you’ve said.

Mhm. (pauses reflectively) Clean, got a job, a place to live…

Hey, you and I know better than most how things could have gone.

You’re right. (pause.) I guess I’m… still waiting for the other shoe to drop. (Pause.) No matter how old they are you never stop worrying about them.

RENEE smiles and snorts softly.

Parenting 101

Oh great, so I have at least two new ulcers to look forward to in the next ten years or so huh?

(raises his eyebrows)
Try the next five years.

They both laugh and RENEE looks at her watch again and groans as GARRET smiles.

December 14th


JORDAN is seated on one side of the table and a young woman, mid to late twenties, sits across from her. She has the build of a dancer. She and JORDAN are both wearing gray shirts and the young woman has long brunette hair similar to JORDAN’S.

To mourn or not to mourn

I know it probably sounds like I’m…well like we’re all horrible people for not wanting to claim my grandfather’s body but you… you don’t understand what kind of man he was.

Her voice breaks and she wipes her eyes. There is a lot of hurt in her voice when she continues.

YOUNG WOMAN (cont’d)
My grandfather… he was good to me when I was a little girl. (beat) I remember… some things that I remember were great. He’d take me to the park to ride my bike, we’d go for walks on the beach and… and look for shells...

She nods and wipes her nose with a tissue this time.

YOUNG WOMAN (cont’d)
... but then he just changed one day. It was like all that mattered to him anymore was his money and his work. (sniffles.) He pushed everyone that loved him away.

She closes her eyes and shakes her head.

(trying to help)
Maybe… maybe there was a family disagreement that you were too young to remember?

No disagreements I’ve ever heard of. They all say the same thing. One day about fifteen years ago, he just stopped being involved in family events.

She pauses and again wipes her nose.

YOUNG WOMAN (cont’d)
He still owned the lending business with my great uncle… but he’d only communicate with him through mediators! Worked from his office at home… . I… I don’t even think he left that house once in the past fifteen years.

YOUNG WOMAN (cont’d)
His being dead doesn’t change what he did to the people who loved him.

She stands and leaves out the Conference Room door, leaving JORDAN sitting at the table looking out the window, thinking.


JORDAN is sitting on her couch in her duckie pajamas. She is staring off across the room at her bookshelf. She is specifically eyeing the binding of a large book with the word ‘photos’ written down the side of the binding.

(mumbling as she stands)
Ah, hell.

She grabs the album, placing it on the coffee table, before she heads for the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge and goes back to the couch with it. Just as she is opening the bottle, the big red door opens and WOODY enters, carrying a pizza and a bottle of wine.

Put that down woman. I’ve got a—twenty dollar bottle of wine with our name on it. Hey (nods to her pajamas) nice quackers.

He sets the pizza down and shrugs out of his coat.

WOODY (cont’d)
You okay?

He notices she’s sitting in the dark and hasn’t made a jab at his ‘twenty dollar wine’ comment.

(‘yeah I’m fine’ smile)
Sure, just a little tired from work is all.

She sniffs the air and catches a whiff of the pizza.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Oooh, I forgot. It’s Italian night.

She kisses him quickly after standing to go get plates down from the kitchen.

WOODY opens the bottle of wine while JORDAN puts slices of pizza on their plates and carries them to the couch.

I know it’s not much considering I could have made something, but I was swamped at work and I just left my office like a half hour ago. So you should actually be really impressed with what I…

He looks at her as he sits down beside her on the couch and hands her a glass of wine.

JORDAN smiles politely but again, she doesn’t seem herself.

WOODY (cont’d)
Hey. Come on, what’s really wrong?

He reaches out to stroke her hair over one shoulder and slides his hand up to her cheek so he can turn her face to look at him.

JORDAN holds the stare for a full three seconds before she sighs and drops her shoulders.

This… this ‘Scrooge’ case is all. Lily’s talked to every one of this guy’s immediate family. I even had a go at the grand daughter this afternoon. (beat) We still can’t convince any of them to take this guy’s body.

She sips her wine and settles into the couch more.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Garret’s even side-lined the autopsy because we’ve got a crypt full of people who have family waiting for them to be released.

She scoffs, disgusted.

Yeah. Nigel told me Garret put Ebenezer on the back burner…

This poor bastard can’t get one stinking family member to even put him in the ground.

She shakes her head as her eyes briefly settle on the photo album she was going to look at.

WOODY sets his plate aside and chews a piece of his pizza for a moment before he responds.

You know what I think?

JORDAN raises an eyebrow towards him as he scoots over and wraps an arm around her shoulders as they rest against the back of the couch.

WOODY (cont’d)
I think… this case is tugging on your heart strings a little because it maybe sounds…familiar - with emphasis on the ‘famil’ part – of… of that.

He smiles playfully with a little nod towards the photo album and kisses her head.

JORDAN grabs the album with a sigh and flips it open to a page with a picture of a very young JORDAN standing on a step stool at a kitchen counter. She is smiling as she makes cookies with a woman we recognize as a younger version of her GRANDMOTHER.

She was so much fun when I was little, Woody. I used to love going to her house to play. We had our own little world together and then.... (shakes her head) How do things get so messed up?

WOODY lifts his head from the couch and smiles at the picture.

You’re asking a guy who hardly speaks to any of his family at home, including the brother he practically raised on his own?

JORDAN pokes his chest with one finger.

But you and Cal are trying to work things out between you; that’s a start.

WOODY nods and looks at the picture of JORDAN and her grandmother.

You’re right.

He reaches for the phone and the invitation sitting beside it with the RSVP number.

WOODY (cont’d)
It’s a start.

He puts the phone in her hand.

JORDAN looks at WOODY, then the phone, then back to WOODY before she finally submits and starts dialing.




December 20th
The Chipmunk Song - Alvin and the Chipmunks


NIGEL enters the room. He’s carrying a manila envelope, which he places in a paperwork tray marked “DR.MACY.”

KATE looks up from a machine through which she is running blood samples and furrows her brow at the envelope NIGEL has set in the tray. It is marked CONFIDENTIAL PATIENT MEDICAL RECORDS.

As NIGEL passes her to sit at the computer near her arm, KATE speaks.

Is that for one of my bodies?

NIGEL looks at the envelope and back to KATE.

Well, being as I placed it in the tray clearly marked Doctor Macy, I’d have to deduce ‘no’, Luv.

KATE puts a hand on her hip.

Don’t call me —

(raises a hand defensively)
I know, I know, sorry!

He pauses and nods towards the crypt.

NIGEL (cont’d)
It’s for Doctor M.’s ‘Ebenezer’ in there.

Are you kidding me? Has he even made a cut in that guy yet? That body’s not getting any fresher. This place is a mad house to begin with, add some holiday cheer in there and you’ve got half a dozen depressed ‘lords a leaping’ off of Boston’s high rises. (sets a report aside) Did he say when he plans on autopsying Stinky?

NIGEL shakes his head and wheels his chair over to another computer and begins typing away.

Nope, he says he’s got plenty of other bodies waiting to be signed out to family. ‘Scrooge’ can wait, especially since none of the family is claiming the body thus far.

KATE retorts in her usual ‘the world’s going to Hell in a hand basket’ way.

God, that old codger must have really pissed them off good if they aren’t even lining up to dance on his grave.

Jordan said the same thing. She had a go at the granddaughter last week and even she couldn’t get her to fold.

He shakes his head and then smiles.

NIGEL (cont’d)
It did, however, inspire one Miss Jordan Cavanaugh to accept an invitation to her hoity toity grandmother’s Christmas party.

So? She’s going to a family function? Call Lifetime and get the movie deal going.

Oh, if only it were that simple. This is Jordan’s mother’s mother. They probably haven’t seen each other in five years and Jordan only saw her that long ago because her grandmother came in with one of her Beacon Hill friends to identify a body.

(raises her eyebrows)
Beacon Hill huh? I would have thought Jordan came from some sort of forest dwelling wild people.

She pauses for a moment and lets this sink in.

KATE (cont’d)
So she’s going to a party at her grandmother’s.

Oh, come on, it’s the holiday spirit, fences mended, forgiving the past, fresh starts.

And a deep, unrelenting sense of loneliness that leads folk to splatter their brains on our city sidewalks.

She grins in her sarcastic way.

NIGEL leans back in his chair and smiles, refusing to take her bait.

Like I said, the holiday spirit and all. Mending fences, forgiving past wrongs, starting over with the ones you love… dressing your dog up like a reindeer and going caroling.

KATE waves a hand at him and rolls her eyes.

Yeah, yeah, and partridge in a pear tree. You wanna know the real reason people ‘mend fences’ over the holidays?

She turns to NIGEL, who looks apprehensive. He’d rather not have her rain on his warm and fuzzy ‘magic of the season’ parade anymore.

I’m sure I’ll regret this but please...

He pauses and, sighing deeply, rubs his eyes.

NIGEL (cont’d)
... do enlighten me with your infinite wisdom.

He smirks and waves his arms in a ‘you have the floor’ way.

KATE shrugs and removes a tray of blood samples from the machine, setting them down a little roughly and tossing a clipboard onto the desk with a thud.

Plain and simple. They want really good gifts. And what’s better than a really expensive ‘sorry I ruined your wedding and missed out on the last five years of your life’ present?

NIGEL listens sympathetically and then replies softly.

I think that’s the voice of experience talking there, luh-

He stops when she points a finger at him as if daring him to call her ‘luv.’

NIGEL (cont’d)
-but you just can’t let your Christmases past dictate how you’ll spend the ones now and in the future-

(raises a finger)
Hey, I never said that I —

(cutting back in)
-or you’ll be carrying around more chains than old Jacob Marley, (smiles through a long beat) Kate.

He smiles once more with a bob of his eyebrows before he turns back to his computer.

KATE looks at the back of his head and opens her mouth to begin a retort but stops herself and looks thoughtful.

13.EXT. CORNER COFFEE VENDOR – 12:47 p.m. December 20th

JORDAN is fixing a coffee and saying a quick good-bye to WOODY, who hops in his car wearing plain clothes as GARRET walks out of the building wearing a beige overcoat and red scarf. He watches WOODY lean in and kiss her good-bye and smiles when he catches the little murmured sentiment WOODY leaves her with.

GARRET approaches as JORDAN watches WOODY drive off.

(nods towards the cart)
How’s Joe’s joe today?

Nice and strong, the kind that puts hair on your...

She raises her eyes briefly to the top of GARRET’S bald head then back down into her cup.

JORDAN (cont’d)
(clears her throat)
... chest.

Funny. So was that Woody I saw doing the kiss and run?

He moves around her to get a coffee for himself.

Yeah, we’re working different shifts this week so he went home, slept a few hours then came to surprise me for lunch.

GARRET smiles knowingly and looks off down the road in the direction WOODY drove.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Oh, shut up, alright? It’s…sweet.

She shrugs and sips her coffee as they head back into the building and we see them get on an elevator.


(nods slowly)
It is… I just guess I’m not used to seeing this...

He pauses and looks up as he tries to find the words.

GARRET (cont’d)
... new working-at-a-relationship-without-finding-some-way-to-sabotage-it Jordan.

JORDAN rolls her eyes.

GARRET (cont’d)
It‘s… becoming. I like it.

They exit the elevator and we are on the 9th floor of the Morgue building in the lobby.


People hustle about in the mid-day rush.

GARRET and JORDAN start down the hall towards their offices when JORDAN looks towards the CONFERENCE ROOM and spots LILY and BUG talking to two people at the table.

Are you kidding me? These people still won’t claim the old guy’s body? Two weeks and this guy is still haunting our crypt? Can’t we force them to take him or something?

GARRET shakes his head.

His medical records came in but they’re under the avalanche of paperwork on my desk. I’ve got a pretty clear schedule today, might try to start the autopsy this afternoon once I get a look at those records.

If you can find ’em.

I’ll get right on that. (beat) Have a good afternoon — Cutie.

He grins, having heard the end of the car-side goodbyes when WOODY drove off.

JORDAN blushes at having someone ‘outside’ of her relationship with WOODY having heard something so private said to her. She pushes open her office door, irritated.

It’s an inside JOKE Gar, honestly, he doesn’t call me that...

She turns to shut her door behind her.

JORDAN (cont’d)
... much.

16. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM – 12:58 p.m.

BUG and LILY sit on one side of the table while a white haired woman in her late seventies and a younger, similar-looking woman sits beside her. We can tell they are mother and daughter.

Now, Mrs. Carmichael, surely we can -

… Freedman. My name is Freedman now. I remarried after — after Leonard and I divorced. Two years later that man (pause) stopped talking to me… my children… to our grandchildren!

Mrs. Uhm… Freedman, (pause) I understand that you are no longer next of kin and therefore are not responsible for your ex-husband’s remains (pauses) but surely we can find some common ground here.

He looks to the woman sitting beside MRS. FREEDMAN. She is the couple’s oldest child, JANET, mother of the young woman JORDAN spoke to in the conference room a few weeks earlier.

I won’t claim the body. (defiantly) He didn’t watch his grandchildren graduate high school and college, see them learn to drive, (disappointed sigh) some of them even got married without him there…

LILY and BUG share a look. They are getting nowhere.

JANET (cont’d)
My stepfather is a wonderful man. (angrily) He thinks of my brother and me as his own but even when you are an adult there is a part of you that wants your father to be involved in your life.

LILY and BUG share another look. But this time we know they are thinking about MADDIE and JEFFREY.

After the divorce I still hoped – thought! – we could be civil. You know? Go to family events, see the kids and grandkids, keep the peace, for their sakes. But… he just got so – so cold so suddenly. No explanation, just one day decided not to be part of our lives anymore. Who could do that to their kids? Even divorced, we should have been able to put them first. I tried. Leonard – apparently – did not care.

LILY and BUG nod. They can’t disagree.


LILY is walking out the doors of the conference room to the lobby area in the Morgue. The elevator doors open as she hands EMY a clipboard and JEFFREY walks off with MADDIE in his arms.

Hi, my sweet girl, did you have a nice lunch with Daddy?

She takes MADDIE and kisses her.

She did.

LILY smiles as MADDIE pats her cheeks.

Where’d you guys go to eat?

We went for a walk in the park, fed some bread to the geese there and picked up this.

He hands her a gift-wrapped present.

What’s this?

She turns the box over, smiling as MADDIE reaches out to tug on the bow and babbles happily.

Just… just something Maddie and I thought you might like. Merry Christmas, Lily.

LILY smiles thoughtfully and looks at JEFFREY.

Thank you. You didn’t have to.

She pauses as he shrugs and smiles.

LILY (cont’d)
Hey, uh, I know it’s kind of last minute but Bug and I were wondering if you wanted to come over on Christmas morning. Watch Maddie unwrap her gifts. Some of them are from you anyway so you should be there to… to get a proper thank you from her anyway.

She laughs nervously.

(smiling, touched)
Really? I mean, that would be great but you both are…are sure you want me there?

(looks at MADDIE on her hip)
We are.

She pauses and looks at the baby again.

LILY (cont’d)
We’re all going to be involved in Madeline’s life, so it only makes sense that we try to make things work. I think we all lost sight of who the most important person here is.

She looks down at the baby again, who smiles and giggles at her parents.

JEFFREY nods and leans over to kiss MADDIE’S head and then gently kisses LILY’S cheek.

I’d really like that.

They share a smile before he turns and heads back onto the elevator, giving them one last little wave as the doors close. LILY kisses the baby on the head and takes the present from her hands gently and continues down the hallway to her office.





December 21st


GARRET is standing with a scalpel, ready to begin a y-incision on MR. CARMICHAEL. His face shows a deep sadness for this man lying in front of him. GARRET can’t help but wonder how a life can go so wrong. Just as he is about to begin slicing, EMY sticks her head into the room.

Excuse me, Dr. Macy, but there are two men here that want to speak to you about Mr. Carmichael. Immediately.


He sets the scalpel aside and begins to remove his gloves as he heads towards the door.

They say they’re Scroo—I mean, Mr. Carmichael’s legal representation.

And they’re just now worried about their client?

They have a practice in Boca. They’ve been there for the past month.

GARRET is thinking of how nice it must be in Boca this time of year.

Why didn’t I go into law?

EMY looks that like she’s not sure if he wants an answer.

Umm…They’ve only recently been informed of Mr. Carmichael’s demise.

She waits for his reaction, still maybe wondering if he wanted an answer on that law thing.

EMY (cont’d)
Um… they’re waiting in your office…

GARRET nods and heads to his office.


Two elderly gentlemen are seated across from GARRET’S desk. They both wear suits and ties and one has an expensive-looking briefcase open on his lap.

The man closest to GARRET stands and offers a handshake. He identifies himself as PHILIP MONROE and introduces his partner as EDWARD JACOBY.

We apologize for the time it’s taken to get into contact with you. We also run a law firm in Boca and the news of our client’s death did not reach us until last week.

GARRET nods and gestures for the gentleman to be seated again.

It’s the holidays.

We understand that there is some question as to who will be claiming Leonard’s remains.

He looks hesitantly at his partner who removes an envelope much like the one NIGEL placed in GARRET’S basket.

MONROE (cont’d)
Of course, you’ve had a chance to review Leonard’s medical records and have performed an autopsy.

He looks expectantly at GARRET.

(shakes his head)
Well, uh…with none of the family members willing to claim the body thus far, we’ve put Mr. Carmichael on the backburner. His medical records arrived yesterday. I was about to begin the autopsy when you arrived. Haven’t had a chance to read them yet.

Off of the glance shared between the two men, GARRET squirms slightly.

GARRET (cont’d)
Why? Is there something I should know about Mr. Carmichael’s medical history, gentlemen?




Police cruisers are parked amongst street cars, uniformed and plain clothes officers mill around on the sidewalk.


The door to WOODY’S office is opening.


JORDAN steps in and sees WOODY standing by a full length mirror which is propped against his desk as he fixes the knot on his tie. JORDAN watches him while he still doesn’t know she is there. He wears a pair of shiny black shoes, flat front black slacks, a black and blue striped dress shirt with a similarly striped tie worn under a charcoal wool vest and a black velvet sport coat. He looks fantastic. And she’s not doing too bad herself in an elegant red cocktail dress.

Dressed to kill


She purrs this as WOODY turns quickly and shifts from foot to foot shyly under her scrutiny.

JORDAN (cont’d)
I think I’ve got a feva’ big fella....

She fans herself playfully as she shuts the door.

Oh, do you like it? Just something my girlfriend picked out and hung in my car this morning. Her subtle way of telling me the ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ sweater I pulled out to wear to her grandmother’s Christmas party tonight wasn’t going to make the cut.

He takes her hand and holds it over her head to twirl her in a slow circle.

WOODY (cont’d)
Hey, she must’ve picked out your clothes too! Does she have good taste or what?

He chuckles and leans in for a quick kiss.

JORDAN kisses him back briefly with one hand placed on his chest.

She did. And she told me to be here promptly at 6 so we could head out. You ready for this? ’Cause we can still back out if you want…?

She sounds so hopeful!

(shakes his head )
And not get to show you off looking like this? I think not. Come on, it won’t be that bad; I’ll be there with you at least.

He squeezes her hand as he turns off his office lights and they head out into the hall.

(serious now)
I know you will be. And if things start going south, hey, we’ll just hit the free booze like it’s going out of style.

She grins and lays her head on his shoulder as they continue down the hall.


GARRET sits on one side of the table and the family of LEONARD CARMICHAEL on the other. His brother, ex-wife, children and grandchildren all look at GARRET in stunned silence. The YOUNG WOMAN, CARMICHAEL’S granddaughter to whom JORDAN spoke previously, speaks first.

Non - Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?

It’s a type of cancer. A very debilitating type that began in his spleen and slowly spread to the rest of his body over the past fifteen years.

He pauses to let this sink in as the family members look at each other and GARRET in shock and disbelief.

GARRET (cont’d)
According to his lawyers he didn’t want to burden his family and friends with his care. He immersed himself in his work completely, making enough money to cover everyday living costs, medical expenses...

He trails off and looks towards the door where the lawyers MONROE and JACOBY are waiting. When GARRET looks at them they both enter the room and join GARRET at the table.

GARRET (cont’d)
... and this....

JACOBY removes the papers he’d been looking at in the briefcase in GARRET’S office and sets them on the table.

Mr. Carmichael’s will contained very detailed instructions for the division of his estate.

The family all look confused. They obviously know nothing about it.

JACOBY (cont’d)
Mr. Carmichael’s net worth at the time of his death was an estimated 4.3 million dollars which he requests be divided between the members of his immediate family who, I believe, are all present in this room. Correct?

The family looks stunned and they all nod slowly.

But… but why didn’t he talk to us for all these years? Why didn’t he let us be there for him?

Leonard came from a different generation, my dear...

He looks to LEONARD’S brother who still looks stunned, but nods in a sort of reluctant understanding.

JACOBY (cont’d)
... a generation where men took care of their families in any way that they could and found it very difficult to show any weakness. He was a decorated veteran. Fought in five campaigns during World War II.

He shakes his head in sadness. It is clear the lawyers were the last close friends MR.CARMICHAEL confided in.

JACOBY (cont’d)
And fifteen years ago, some… some disease began to take over his body. Killing him slowly. A disease (more forcefully). He fought in five campaigns and some disease was going to slowly bring him to his knees.

He looks tormented; he can’t go on and so his partner takes over.

(looks between the family members)
Your grandfather and father and brother and ex-husband cared for all of you very much. It might not have been the best decision he made in his life but it was his to make and we respected that. His final wishes on this earth were to make sure his family was taken care of after he was gone.

MONROE hands GARRET a paper from the will. It is headlined “Article 8: Request For Interment of Remains.’

GARRET gently slides the paper across the table to the family.

And he hoped that you would all look past his faults and do the same for him.

The family members all look to each other. There is a decision to be made.


Tis the Season

The house is decorated in an elegant, Victorian Christmas fashion. There is a candle burning in every window and a wreath with a burgundy bow fixed to the outside of each window.

The camera enters through the front door into a large foyer where coats are being collected from guests by butlers in black tuxedos.

We see JORDAN and WOODY as they are handing their coats over with a nod and a thank you.

(with a low whistle)
Wow ,Jordan, I mean I knew your grandmother was loaded but I feel like I’m at the Presidential Ball at the White House. Look at the political brass milling around!

(unimpressed or pretending)
Mayor of Boston. Chief of Police – out having a smoke. I think the Lieutenant Governor’s here. Maybe they’ll sign your autograph book, Woods.

JORDAN rolls her eyes and grabs a glass of champagne off a passing catering tray.

JORDAN (cont’d)
Just remember you talked me into this. When she realizes I’m… seeing… (off a look Woody gives her)… dating a cop.

Why? Will she put me on coat check detail?

No. She’ll make it clear I’m making the same mistake my mom did.

In the middle of her tirade. we faintly hear a voice calling JORDAN’S name. When JORDAN finally hears it, she turns her head to see her grandmother, dressed in a beautiful gold evening gown fit for the Queen of England.

Grandma. It’s…nice to see you. Merry Christmas.

JORDAN hugs her briefly.

Oh, I’m so glad you could make it this year, Jordan.

She holds JORDAN’S hand out from her, looking her over.

GRANDMA (cont’d)
You work too hard in that place for what you make. It’s a shame you didn’t end up a heart surgeon.

JORDAN rolls her eyes towards WOODY who gives her a look that says “don’t take the bait” and so she merely smiles politely at her grandmother and turns to her date.

Grandma, you remember Detective Woody Hoyt.

She threads an arm through WOODY’S as he reaches out with his other hand to shake GRANDMA’S.

Of course… Detective Hoyt. It’s a pleasure to see you under more pleasant circumstances.

(with a pleasant smile)
Yes, it’s nice to see you again, ma’am. Jordan has told me a lot about you.

A WAITER approaches with a tray of champagne glasses. JORDAN is quick to take one. WOODY takes two and, with a charming smile, hands one to GRANDMA.

(taking the glass)
I’m sure she has. She usually makes up some story about working but I’m glad she’s finally found someone who was able to talk her into it.

JORDAN looks startled and WOODY smiles knowingly.

Yes, ma’am. Well, as I told your granddaughter, ’tis the season.

He smiles the bright and bubbly WOODY smile as he raises his own glass of champagne to GRANDMA.

She looks him over. Clearly she’s been thinking the same thing and is impressed that JORDAN has found someone who won’t take her crap. And even more so, someone who JORDAN will let not take her crap.

JORDAN’S GRANDMA raises her own glass to gently clink WOODY’S.

Hear, hear.

With a little smile, she leans in close to Jordan.

GRANDMA (cont’d)
I had my doubts about Detective Hoyt at first, my dear, but I like this one. Anyone who can leave my granddaughter speechless must be quite a man indeed.

WOODY smiles softly at JORDAN over GRANDMA’S shoulder and gives her a little wink. WOODY and GRANDMA are both clear on each other’s natures.

JORDAN nods slowly and finally smiles as she holds up her own drink, albeit a little uncomfortably.

Yes, quite a man indeed

She clinks glasses with them both and all three take a sip together.


WOODY holds JORDAN close in his arms. They move comfortably amongst other couples. WOODY leans down a little to whisper something in her ear to which JORDAN chuckles heartily and lays her head on his shoulder.

So are you glad you came now? It hasn’t really gone all that badly has it?

He dips her once and brings her back up to look in his eyes.

JORDAN looks at their position, tucked close together.

No, not bad at all.

She smiles and lays her head back on his shoulder.

JORDAN (cont’d)
And I only called one guest a pompous windbag to his face.

With his eyes closed, WOODY smiles beside her ear.

True. (pause) ’Course it was the mayor’s brother-in-law….

He laughs lightly and pulls back to look down in her eyes as they continue to dance slowly.

(sweetly defensive)
Hey, at least it was a non-blood relative. That actually shows great personal growth for me.


He pauses as the song ends and they break apart.

WOODY (cont’d)
Come on, I wanna give you something.

He takes her hand and leads her off of the dance floor towards a hallway towards the back of the house.

JORDAN reluctantly follows.


WOODY pulls JORDAN, who is smiling, close beside the staircase to the second floor.

You know, pulling me into the hall to make out isn’t exactly going to put us any higher on my grandmother’s ‘good’ list-

WOODY quiets her with a single, deep kiss.

Sorry to bust your bubble but I didn’t bring you out here to make out, Jordan.

He reaches into his pocket as they lean against a wall together and pulls out a small jewelry box. JORDAN looks apprehensive until he smiles and raises a hand.

WOODY (cont’d)
Easy, it’s not what you think...

He opens the lid slowly to reveal a necklace with sapphire tear drop pendant. On the back are the initials CH monogrammed.

A sudden flash in JORDAN’S mind takes her to a picture she’s seen on a shelf in WOODY’S apartment: WOODY as an infant in his mother’s arms, his little fingers tangled around the chain of the very necklace now in front of her.

Woody… I - this was your mother’s. I can’t -

WOODY shakes his head and removes the necklace from the box as we see JORDAN’S GRANDMOTHER standing by a doorway down the hall, watching from afar.

WOODY places the necklace around JORDAN’S neck and closes the clasp.

WOODY (cont’d)
I don’t remember much about her, but I know she’d want me to give this to the woman who stole my heart after she did.

JORDAN is beside herself. She touches the necklace gently and looks up into his eyes.

Thank you. I love it.

She stands on her tiptoes to kiss him softly.

You’re welcome.

He kisses her back before they hear the last dance being announced.

WOODY (cont’d)
Come on. One more dance then we can go curl up in front of the fireplace at my apartment with a cup of cocoa.

He leads her back down the hallway.


WOODY pulls JORDAN out onto the floor and, grinning, tugs her into his arms.

There’s no fireplace at your apartment, Woody.

(sighing playfully back)
It’s a figure of speech, Jordan.

No, it’s not actually.

WOODY rolls his eyes and kisses her once more.

WOODY (cont’d)
Ah, shut up.

JORDAN reaches down to squeeze his backside once teasingly.


KATE walks into her office and sits behind her desk. She begins to look through her e-mail messages, secretly hoping that someone, anyone has sent her well wishes for the holiday when she notices it is snowing outside. She turns in her chair and looks out the window.

She looks contemplative and takes a deep breath before turning back to her desk and looking at the computer screen again. One e-mail catches her eye. The subject heading reads “Merry Bloody Christmas, Luv”. She opens it and we see the screen loading a picture of NIGEL on a couch with KATE’S dog BINKY on his lap wearing the reindeer antlers from the caroling outing. NIGEL is smiling and BINKY is licking his cheek. Across the bottom of the picture it reads “We wish you a Merry Christmas and A dogg-y rein-deer!”

We see her face register surprise and then annoyance (and maybe a little amusement) as she lifts her eyes towards the door.

Ah, crap.
She stands, drops the envelope to her desk and we hear her heels as the camera looks down on the desk.


KATE hurries to the elevator.


The family of LEONARD CARMICHAEL is observing as his body is placed in a body bag and loaded onto a gurney for transportation to a funeral home. His daughter, JANET, shakes her head and wipes her eyes with a tissue.

I just… wish that he had let us be there for him before he died and spent what time he had left with us all.

She shakes her head again, as the rest of the family files out of the room, talking quietly.

GARRET puts a hand on her shoulder gently.

It might not have been the right decision, but he truly believed he was doing the best thing for all of you by staying away.

He pauses and looks at the ground briefly before nodding.

GARRET (cont’d)
I know it doesn’t make much sense now, but maybe someday…

JANET nods sadly and looks over as the freight elevator is closed.

Not today, but maybe someday. Thank you for all of your help, Dr. Macy. If it wasn’t for you bringing us all back in here we might never have known the truth. Merry Christmas.

JANET pats his hand still on her shoulder.

Merry Christmas.

He removes his hand and watches as she leaves out the doors.

GARRET (cont’d)
Merry Christmas.







December 24th


GARRET sits at his desk filling out the paperwork. JORDAN walks by and shakes her head as she leans against the door frame.

You do know it’s Christmas Eve, right man?

She raises an eyebrow at his desk full of paperwork.

GARRET looks up and removes his glasses with a smile as he leans back in his chair. He won’t have JORDAN pity him and so he just nods.

I’m just finishing up here and then I’m off for some yuletide fun. Promise. (beat) Tell Woody I said ‘Merry Christmas,’ alright?

Sure, now finish up and get the hell outta here, alright?

She winks and turns to leave.

Hey, Jordan… your dad… did you ever get in touch with him?

He stands and moves around to lean on his desk.

JORDAN steps back in the doorway with a smile.

Yeah, uh, I did. If there’s one thing we learned from old ‘Scrooge’ while he was here , it’s to make sure you share the time you can with the people you love. (pause) We had a nice chat, yeah. (pause.) Merry Christmas, Garret.

Merry Christmas, Jordan.

He watches her leave before going back to his desk and looking at the phone for a long moment. Finally he lifts it from the receiver. He dials some numbers, waits and then smiles.

GARRET (cont’d)
Hey, Renée, it’s Garret…yeah, actually I was calling to say… well I just… I wanted to know if the offer of dinner was still open for tonight. (pause) Of course, dinner with you and your daughter sounds… wonderful.

He smiles as he shuts down his computer.


Elevator doors opens with a ding.

KATE steps off looking up and down the hall quickly before she hurries to a door and starts to turn the knob.

TOWNSEND! I don’t know how the hell you got my landlord to let you into my apartment but I’m -

She stops in her tracks as she opens the door.


A tremendous amount of light shines on KATE’S face from the apartment. Her mouth hangs open as the camera pans around to show NIGEL sitting on the couch directly in front of the door, a lit and decorated Christmas tree, candles in both windows, a mock fireplace with stockings for “Kate” and “Binky” hanging from the mantel and rows of lights strewn from one end of the apartment to the other.

NIGEL is smiling widely and standing with Binky in his arms.

Merry Christmas, Kate.

He raises a hand at the look on her face.

NIGEL (cont’d)
Now, the lights were all his idea, so don’t come down too hard on the little fella.

He grins and hands the dog over to her. BINKY licks KATE’S face happily and we see a hint of a smile from her.

KATE is at a loss for words looks around. She has to admit it’s beautiful.

How did you…I mean you left work an hour ago and you…?

NIGEL is grinning widely and when he speaks it is whispered. He winks at KATE as they stand close together.)

I told you, Christmas magic.

KATE continues to look around but rolls her eyes in a ‘touché, you’ve won this one’ way.

It’s beautiful. Thank you.

She reaches up unexpectedly and hugs him close with BINKY between them. He barks after a few long moments, breaking them apart with nervous chuckles.

KATE (cont’d)
But did you have to dress the dog up in the antlers again?

NIGEL gives a quick wag of his eyebrows towards the bathroom.

You think he looks kooky; you should see what I did to the Loo.

KATE laughs and pets BINKY’S head.


The room is decorated brightly for Christmas, a tree in the living room with presents all around it. BUG is putting the finishing touches on tree trimmings as LILY talks on the phone and we come in mid-conversation.

Uh huh…eight o’clock is fine for us. Oh… you don’t have to bring cinnamon rolls… coming to watch Madeline open presents is enough.

BUG whips his head around quickly. He whispers with a smile to let us know he is just joking. Mostly.

Speak for yourself.

LILY throws a gift bow at him playfully.

Okay, well if you insist. (pauses and smiles) We’re really happy you’re coming too, Jeffrey. Maddie is excited that we’re all going to be here to… see her tear through her gifts and enjoy the boxes more than the actual toys in the morning.

She laughs softly and watches BUG stick the bow to the top of the baby’s head. They both laugh when she tries to reach up and pull it off to no avail.


Snow falls softly; there is already a good amount on the ground outside, coating the streets and sidewalks.



JORDAN and WOODY lay on his leather couch, watching the snow fall out the window beyond the small lighted and decorated tree they put up with a few presents beneath it. The lights in the room are all off except for the tree. JORDAN lays tucked into WOODY’S side. They wear comfy clothes. WOODY is in a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a light blue thermal shirt; JORDAN wears red draw string sweats and a baggy zip up hoodie with a tank top underneath that we can see through the open hoodie. She wears large wool socks that are tangled up with WOODY’S hunting-socked toes. The only other light in the room comes from the flicker of the TV as they listen to the 1951 Noel Langley adaptation of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’ starring Alastair Sim. It is nearing the end of the movie. Scrooge is just completing his visit from the ghost of Christmas future.

I’m proud of you, Jordan.

JORDAN lifts her head slightly to look at his face.

For what?

Going to that party… all of those… people. Making nice with your grandmother after all you’ve been through because of her. (pause.) I was impressed. No closing yourself off to people… no running from problems… no ‘bah humbug’. (playfully) Seeing you talking to her, being civil. It was like invasion of the body snatchers, for a second.

He hugs her closer.

JORDAN smiles at his Dickens reference and glances towards the TV. She’s seen the movie enough to know what lines will be coming up in a few minutes.

(hint of British accent, smile)
I haven’t taken leave of my senses, Bob. I’ve COME to them. (serious) And I have you to thank for some of that. (off his surprised look) You’ve given me a greater appreciation for the past...

She fingers the necklace he gave her at the party.

JORDAN (cont’d)
...and you’ve helped in getting me to live in the present….

She kisses him softly on the lips.

JORDAN (cont’d)
That’s a good thing.

Past? Present? Any hint of the ghost of Christmas future in there?

JORDAN nods and then lifts her head again.

Maybe… (smiles) Hey, speaking of the past… you never told me if you got ahold of Cal.

WOODY smiles and rolls his eyes.

Well, I was going to tell you, but we got so wrapped up in the party and everything but... uh…

He stops when there is a quick rapping on the door and he smiles widely.

WOODY (cont’d)
Right on cue.

You didn’t.

I had a few extra sky miles this year.

JORDAN gasps and sits up quickly, biting her bottom lip before she bounds off towards the door and pulls it open to find CALVIN HOYT standing in a Santa Clause hat with an arm full of presents which he drops to pull JORDAN up into his arms and spin her around with a HO HO HO!

JORDAN is laughing as CAL sets her on her feet.

She looks at WOODY who is standing behind them, arms folded and smiling from ear to ear.

’Tis the season, huh, Woodrow?

WOODY moves over to wrap his arms around JORDAN as CAL slaps him on the back before beginning to pick up the gifts he’s dropped.


WOODY leans in to kiss her and we see CAL’S head pop up beside them, eyes wide.

Are those chocolate chip cookies? (Excitedly) Aw, you are the man, Woods.

He drops the presents again with a thud and takes off for the kitchen area as WOODY and JORDAN both laugh and follow.

The camera pans away from the trio and falls on the television screen, gradually moving in closer as ALASTAIR SIM as Ebenezer Scrooge sits at his desk laughing.


(laughing and then stops)
Oh, I don’t deserve to be so happy.

He begins to write in his ledger but the chuckles begin again.

SCROOGE (cont’d)
I can’t help it.

He laughs softly under his breath and rubs a finger under his nose.

SCROOGE (cont’d)
I just can’t help it.

He tosses the feather pen away and leans back in his chair to laugh.

The scene fades to a snowy main street with citizens milling about happily. The camera follows SCROOGE as he bounces along the street happily.

SCROOGE was better than his word. He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man as the good old city ever knew.

SCROOGE continues down the road waving and smiling to the people he passes.

The narrator’s voiceover continues, but the scene slowly fades from the movie to GARRET in the morgue, walking to a filing cabinet and opening it. He holds a manila folder in one hand and stops to look at the name on the case. It reads CARMICHAEL, LEONARD. He smiles slightly and places it in the drawer before closing it back up and turning the light off as he leaves the room.

GARRET’S OFFICE fades and the movie comes up again.

Or any other good old city, town or borough in the good old world. And to Tiny Tim who lived and got well again, he became a second father.

SCROOGE stops to place money in a beggar’s cup and stoops to pet his dog.

TINY TIM calls out “Uncle Scrooge!”

SCROOGE turns and smiles as TIM runs across the street, waving to him.

And it was always said that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us and all of us. And so, as Tiny Tim observed; God bless us, Everyone.

TIM takes SCROOGE’S hand and the two walk off down the road together as the screen fades to black and across the screen reads:




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