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7.01 - "Hold That Thought" - Safety proves elusive for the morgue crew when the existence of another terror cell comes to light. As Nigel, Kate and Bug put their careers on the line to find clues, Jordan and Woody put their lives and fragile relationship on the line to stop the new threat.

7.02 - "1000 Miles Off Course" - Garret and Lily both confront issues of parenting. Meanwhile, a death in an alley and considerations of fate and chance challenge Jordan to examine aspects of her relationship with Woody.

7.03 - "Dinner for Two " - A romantic dinner ends with murder while a missing fly from a children's poem gives a clue to one man's last supper.

7.04- "Homecoming" - While Kate struggles in a morgue depleted of staff, Woody finds that a fiercely denied love still has the power to draw him into examining once more the nature of relationship and home.

7.05- "Yours Truly" - A curse in Boston and a murder in London set the scene for a bloody good story.

7.06- "Strange Bedfellows" - Woody gets jealous as Jordan gets physical. Meanwhile, the development of a new friendship has morgue staff on edge.

7.07- "Reality Bites" - Jordan is forced to put a career as Medical Examiner under intense critical scrutiny. A secret from Seeley’s past is revealed when he investigates celebrities who must face the music and dance.

7.08 - "Up In Smoke" - A heated situation causes Bug and Lily to reassess plans but, if the time is right, one fire has the capacity to ignite another.

7.09 - "Mightier / Margin for Murder " - Garret’s right. No-- Garret writes. A doll, the kind of dame that can put the ink in a guy’s pen, is missing some ice. Or so the skirt says. So, in a town where it’s kill or be killed, die or die later, a washed-up gumshoe is left wading through a quagmire of hidden agendas and outright deception to figure out just who he can trust and who he can’t. So, whatever you do, Sweetheart, don’t tell Jordan.

7.10 - "Charmer" - Jordan’s worst fears may be realised when she and Woody must confront someone who would deceive the innocent and destroy the good.

7.11 - "Long Way Down" - How can opposites be reconciled? Garret needs to work out the difference between jumping and falling, and Woody comes to grief bridging the gap between lost and found.

7.12 - "For Whom The Bell Tolls" - What the Dickens! As Christmas approaches, is murder a real headache? And just how much persuasion does it take to convince Jordan that one of Nigel’s schemes may be well worth the effort?
(If you have a hard time loading the normal episode 12- here's a version that doesn't have the Flash images: 7.12a)

7.13 - "Auld Acquaintance" - When the past is tense, a perfect present may be hard to grasp. But 'tis the season, and both Garret and Jordan are confronted with the need to resolve this dilemma.

7.14 - "Boys Will Be Boys" - In the battle of the sexes, both Danny and Woody fumble a proposal, while morgue staff are aware it's not only egos that are inflated. Keeping abreast of developments becomes an issue.

7.15 - "Over the Rainbow" - What! WHO?? Why? ... When? Where!! Will Woody go wild when it looks like Jordan might sail away over the rainbow? Even in Oz, it’s always unsettling when Jordan is just being Jordan.

7.16 - "There Are More Things (Than Dreamt Of)" - When plots intersect and a killer craves recognition, where will it end?

7.17 - "In Your Philosophy" - When elusive shadows become disturbing realities, recognizing them creates its own clear and present danger.

7.18 - "Murder Most Foul " -
Two lovers, casting off uncertainty
In charming Boston, where we're set to view,
Perchance, a death on stage, or else a grand
Performance for an audience of two.

7.19 - "Holy Water" - Some may plot with a view to a room but in Jordan's view there is no room for guilt in the life of a first love.

7.20 - "XX" - There's a whole lot of XX issues and the XYs just don't get it. But Seely and Capra? Now there's an XX and an XY for you! Stay tuned for the XXth episode and take care not to cross an XX this week.

7.21 - "Cupid Schmoopid" - Can Valentine's Day be all that Jordan would desire if Cupid's darts go astray and all is not well with Woody? Romantic dinners just don't seem to be on the menu for anyone.

7.22 - "Going to the Dogs " - In the vicious rivalry of a dog-eat-dog world, Kate learns that at least one competitor’s bite may well be worse than his bark, while Woody realizes it’s not only dead men who tell no tales.

7.23 - "On Ice" - In the rough and tumble of the rink, what can make you weak?  In the rough and tumble of raising a kid, what can make you cry?  Trying to make things better is great... if it works.

7.24 - "Howard's End" - Learn from the past or be doomed to repeat it. Will that mountain and their past always cast a shadow on their future? And just how far can you trust Howard Stiles to reconcile what was and what should be?

7.25 - "Righteous" - Jordan believes she's right - but that isn't enough. Woody knows he's right - but would rather he weren't. Mistakes can be costly.

7.26 - "Father Knows Best " - Father Knows Best! How far back does that take you? And how long do you have to keep facing the test? Both lost and new opportunities have their particular challenges.

7.27 - "Slipknot" - If a murderer isn’t put away securely enough, he just may wreak havoc again. Does Woody’s lie suggest that he may be the one responsible for tying up loose ends? Kate may be working on a slipknot of her own.

7.28 - "Old Habits Die Hard" - Old habits may die hard but the key to hope is anger at the way things are and courage to see that they do not remain that way. Renée Walcott is concerned with matters of truth and justice while Woody and Jordan also learn a lesson in tolerance.

7.29 - "How Does Your Garden Grow?" - It's a bonus! A relationship restored and a new partnership possible. There's not too many people who'd dare to cut Jordan out of the action. So why now?

7.30 - "Ithaca" - O Brother, where art thou? The road has been long; its adventure and knowledge will destroy some, deliver others. Max, Jordan and James understand what Ithacas mean.

7.31 - "Lions, Tigers and ..." -Africa may be steamy but things coming to a boil in Boston could prove quite chilling. Either way, wild times are possible.

7.32 - "Mommy Dearest - Part One" - Secrets and lies threaten relationships. Max must confront long-hidden knowledge while Jordan finds out that what you are told can put on hold what you should say.

7.33 - "Mommy Dearest - Part Two" - It's not only a bleak mountain that has the strength to steal happiness. Does truth possess that same power? Even so, some truths must be told in this VS7 Finale.


Bonus Features:

Art Work How-To - Ever want to know what it takes to create the images you've seen in our VS7 episodes? This will take you set-by-step through the process of how it's done.

How I Do the Sheherazade Thing - Ever want to know how our writers came up with the plots for the scripts? Nyn walks us through the processes of creating a script for VS7.


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