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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Harbor Runner
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Jilly: Wait, Harbor Runner – I was hoping to be able to talk to you …find some time between your work, your family, your training, your hobbies. I did hope we could have a cup of coffee together.
HR: Well, you’ll have to keep up with me – I’m in training for my next marathon. This will be my fourth and that day circled on the calendar is getting closer. And it’ll have to be tea, Jilly, with cream. Very Brit, I know, but there you
have it.
Jilly: Ah, well, what if I just stood here on the corner and flung a question at you every time you ran past?
HR: It doesn’t work that way. Work with me on this one, Jilly. You’re going to have to keep up.
Jilly: Here goes then. What (puff) do you actually do (puff) for VS7?
HR: Oh, I’m the go-to-gal for everything relating to the actual website. I created it, the main banners and so forth; I’ll be keeping the site up to date. I’m also one of the artists on the team.
Jilly: And it is a team, isn’t it! That collaboration between artists and writers is so energetic and generous. But you also wrote some fanfic yourself some time ago.
HR: Yes – and I’m in awe of the Ninas. So when Nyn put out a call requesting artists, I jumped at the chance. To work on something that I’ve loved since the pilot episode – that’s fantastic! I’m a freelance graphic artist by profession and I’ve worked with everything from billboards to websites to brochures to t-shirts. It’s just something I fell into after having my children and stemmed from a lifelong love of art and drawing. It didn’t hurt that my husband’s a computer programmer who needed someone to help him on the graphic side.
Jilly: And now you can do it for your favorite TV show. So, what is it you like about Crossing Jordan?
HR: I’m drawn to shows that feature independent and strong-willed female characters …
Jilly: That’s Jordan for sure.
HR: I loved her spirit – her “Who do you want to be, victim or killer” attitude. And I became a WoJo shipper from the first episode featuring the blue-eyed detective. I find all of the characters very human – I think their faults give them that quality.
Jilly: I suppose that doing VS7 is a bit like a marathon. Months and months of preparation -
HR: - stress about that day circled on the calendar, swinging between “Hey, this isn’t so bad” to “Oh my gosh … I think I’m going to die” to “Please someone, kill me now”.
Jilly: We’re talking marathon here, or having a baby perhaps, but not VS7 I hope.
HR: Oh yes, but they all share that sense of accomplishment, the feeling of pride in working hard to do something that you think is really worthwhile. In the end, it’s the sense of achievement that’s the strongest feeling you have. It’s so special that before you know it, you’ll have forgotten the pain and you’ll be contemplating the next one!
Jilly: Are we talking VS8 here? You’d better keep that one under your hat for a while. I think the rest of the team may still be contemplating the agony of it all. But, ah, Harbor Runner, you’re a woman after my own heart!
HR: What? You run marathons too?
Jilly: No, no. I drink tea. What’ll it be? Earl Grey? Prince of Wales? Vintage Darjeeling?
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