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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Jennifer
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Jilly: Well, here I am having coffee with a walking encyclopedia. I have to say, I’m in awe of the detailed work you’ve done. How did the idea of the Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia come to you?
Jennifer: Some time during Season 4, when I officially became obsessed with Crossing Jordan, I got frustrated with not having a good CJ site that had everything on it.
Jilly: So you had this brilliant idea to create your own.
Jennifer: Mind you, I didn’t know the first thing about webpage making, much less what HTML was. Learning Photoshop at school helped. I picked up enough to create a site during that season and had it up and running by August. I’m still updating the site.
Jilly: You’re adding play by plays for every episode.
Jennifer: Then there are the character updates and relationship updates. I’m aiming to make it truly complete.
Jilly: What’s your ultimate hope for the site?
Jennifer: My architect-side shows here! A friend is helping me build a 3-D model of the morgue. Hopefully that will come to you sometime in the near future. We’re trying to finish the model so that we can do a video walk-through. I thought it would be kind of cool to have a real model.
Jilly: So, you’re an architect … but that’s not all, is it?
Jennifer: Oh, I teach in the evening, , I love to figure skate, swim and row …
Jilly: And you also write.
Jennifer: Whenever I can find a spare minute. Every now and then I get an idea that hits me in the face and I can’t let go of it. It stays in my mind and the ideas and possibilities just bloom. Recently, for example, I read one of the Dear America books about a young Polish girl who came to America to an arranged marriage in the coal mining era in PA. My family is part Polish, and I was talking to my mom about my ancestors.  And the talk sparked an idea.  A true historical story...based some part on my ancestors, the rest on my imagination.  It's stuck in my head - I need to pick my grandfather's brain on this one...
Jilly: And then there’s The Keeper of the Raven?
Jennifer: That’s still at the “Brain Dump” stage: Drama/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Native American History. I’ve stored it in my “Junk Drawer” – along with “Carrots Don’t Hide Well in Milk” and “My Rules for Eating Skittles”.
Jilly: And what about Sidewalks: A Journey through Life - A Novel by JMH?
Jennifer: That’s a work in progress – the life of an Army brat – which is what I was. I guess I make sense of life through stories – it’s a way of trying on the world.
Jilly: And that brings me to another set of stories – Crossing Jordan. “Perfect Storm” is your favorite episode. Why so?]=
Jennifer: It was the first one I saw. I love that scene where Jordan is walking down the hall, looking in each room as she passes, watching Lily, Nigel, Bug and Garret. Seeing Jordan alone in the conference room, head in hands, feeling hopeless, is a powerful moment.
Jilly: Any disappointments?
Jennifer: There are so many ‘moments’ throughout Season 5 that I don’t like. I think it could have been handled better. That said, there are parts of Season 5 I really liked too.
Jilly: Now, Jennifer … dare I ask … where’s the CJE review for “Crash”?
Jennifer: Ouch! I thought you might ask that! I just haven’t been able to rewatch “Crash” yet, so I can’t write my review. I suspect part of me wants to put it off because I know it’s the last review I’ll write and I don’t want it to be over. But I will get it out … I will get it out.
Jilly: Hopefully, some VS7 reviews could help here – the story doesn’t end on the mountain – and I see you’ve got a spot in your Episode section for VS7 …
Jennifer: Indeed I have. It’s brought together the CJ strands in my life: watching CJ, setting up the CJE and talking on Coffeerooms about CJ. That’s where I’m “Kaeleighs_ Justice”, by the way.
Jilly: And I’m sure everyone from Coffeerooms is putting up their hands to say a big thank you for hosting VS7. And - um - about that walk through the morgue… you couldn’t arrange it so that I could just happen to bump into Woody as I walked out of the elevator, could you?
Jennifer: Aaah – Jilly – it’s virtual …
Jilly: Oh, well, I just wondered. It was worth a try.
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