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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Jilly
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Nyn: Hey, there, Jilly? You in? Ready for us?
jmkw: Ready for some coffee?
Jilly: You betcha! It’s a long way from Down Under. To say nothing of standing on your head all the time.
mecedeme: Must be hard in the classroom? And at home?
Jilly: Oh, we Aussies turn the maps the other way around. Leaves us a bit light-headed, no doubt, but a bit of frivolity with Senior High students doesn’t go amiss. It’s an all-girls’ school. They understand such things. So do my three children – two girls and a boy – and the four grandchildren are learning the skill, but they’re all under 5 and think the world revolves around them anyway.
Eirish: But it hasn’t stopped you from becoming a CJ fan. No upside down stuff in that.
Jilly: It has been a bit chaotic, actually. I feel a bit like Danny Kaye’s “This is a film that begins in the middle, for the benefit of those people who came in in the middle …”. Watching current episodes on a local network, starting somewhere in Season 4, and reruns on Foxtel (twice a day – different series each session) played havoc with recording and was certainly chronologically challenging. Thank goodness for the Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia, I say.
nccjfan: And once you sorted it all out …?
Jilly: Oh, even before then, I was hooked. You know, I actually went looking for “Crossing Jordan”. I’d been a fan of “Silent Witness” in the Sam Ryan days and read somewhere that part of the inspiration for CJ was “Silent Witness”. What I found, of course, was something quite different but absolutely engaging.
Nyn: Ah, Jilly, some of your posts to Coffeerooms have a certain …
Jilly: …Jane Austen flavour? Did my Masters research on Jane Austen. Hated her at school, loved all that wicked wit as an adult. Learnt to love a character despite his or her flaws – helps with Jordan, don’t you think –
Emma: - so it’s Jordan who attracts you to the show?
Jilly: Partly. I like the way she learns not to crawl away into a corner even when she does make a mistake. And I like the idea that your friends are your friends even when those mistakes are made.
Ace: Only partly?
Jilly: Oh, yes. I’m a sucker for a good romance, whether it’s “Twelfth Night” or “Much Ado About Nothing” or “Emma”. Even when it’s thwarted. I love Edith Wharton’s “The Age of Innocence”, Henry James rocks …. Every time I see “Romeo and Juliet” I’m screaming out inside “Get it right this time!” It heightens the sense of tragedy every time.
mecedeme: So, you’d accept a sad ending to the WoJo saga?
Jilly: No way! Don’t get me started on that …
madambeth: I think she just has …
Jilly: What is it with writers? Can they only handle sexual tension? Aren’t they good enough to give us substantial resolution?
madambeth: Some of CJ’s good moments are moments of near resolution, aren’t they?
Jilly: Indeed they are. Look at “You Really Got Me”. Now, this is the quintessential Jane Austen moment. Think Emma ...
nccjfan: She disappoints, she lets down – talk about a trail of broken limbs. And when she starts to ask, “What is it with me?”…
Jilly: That’s her great moment – she’s ready to be with Mr. Knightley right then. “He took her hand; - whether she had not herself made the first motion, she could not say – she might, perhaps, have rather offered it – but he took her hand, pressed it , and certainly was on the point of carrying it to his lips, when -”,
Nyn: -when the damn cell phone rang!
Jilly: Strong stuff. And Austen’s not scared to give us “the small band of friends who witnessed the perfect happiness of the union” at the end. Now, that’s what you lot are going to do with Jordan and Woody, aren’t you?
  mecedeme rolls her eyes; Nyn looks away; jmkw coughs; madambeth wrings her hands, eirish whistles to herself; Bourbon raises her eyebrows, nccjfan drums her fingers on the coffee table.
Jilly: You are going to get it right, aren’t you. This isn’t a tragedy is it? You wouldn’t …? You couldn’t!
Nyn: Just hold that thought, Jilly. Hold that Thought.
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