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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with jmkw
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Jilly: Great, jm, you’ve arrived just in time for coffee. Just let me say, I’ve really been looking forward to meeting you. It’s nice to be able to put a face to a … name.
jm: Aaah … you mean ..
Jilly: Fanfiction, of course. Nineteen Crossing Jordan stories, to say nothing of the fabulous Nina La Vough.
jm: Oh, indeed. You can thank madambeth for turning me on to It was around the middle of Season 2 when I started writing.
Jilly: That would be with “Ultimations and Ramifications” and “I get along without you”?
jm: Those and a few others. I think they were actually terribly bad …
Jilly: I can see a much more confident writer in “The Long Way Round” but the reviews for those early stories were enthusiastic.
jm: That’s nice. I like to think that things really got a move on with the creation of Nina La Vough. Together with Madambeth and another writer, we created her to round robin a resolution for the season 2 finale. She was supposed to be a one-hit wonder but we dusted her off for one more in season 4. She came back to life when nccjfan said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if …”.
Jilly: Well, the rest is history. So, who’s written as Nina?
jm: Hmmm…apart from myself … nccjfan, madambeth, of course, and nynaeve and bourbon …
Jilly: So, you’re saying that Nina is something of a prototype for VS7?
jm: Could be. It certainly gave us the experience in collaborative writing and provided so many opportunities to refine writing skills. And the way we all felt at the end of six years’ viewing when Season 6 (and the series!) ended – it didn’t take much to turn that anger into the desire to write, and to get it right.
Jilly: So, you were a CJ fan all along?
jm: From day one! My two boys were pretty small. Mommy’s detox time came around 10 pm. Everybody (including my husband) was in bed and I could have a glass of wine and sit. What a treat! Back in the day when CJ was on Mondays …
Jilly: …at 10 …
jm: It didn’t take long before I was hooked. Right about “You Can’t Go Home”.
Jilly: On Coffeerooms you’re cjfann. Now, there’s another history for you. How important has that forum been?
jm: The fellowship of other fans jumps out as being very special. Over the years I’ve gained so many friends there. I’ll never forget the heyday of CR when we didn’t know what to make of Woody after Wrong Place, Wrong Time or going ape-crap when Garret and Renee did it in the NC episode. Oh God, the “Jordan’s hair” discussions that went on for WEEKS and the countdown between the finale of Season 2 and the premiere of season 3. I still cringe at the all-out fights that started after Season 3! And don’t get me started on Season 5. So much potential, so little done!
Jilly: So, what’ll you do when it’s over?
jm: I love to read. Most evenings you can find me nose-deep in a book. Mysteries are my favorite. Once VS7 is over, I’ll be shopping for some new hobbies … none of which will be getting involved in a new TV show. I’m too old for this heartbreak …lol!
Jilly: What? No VS8? jm, are you OK?
  jm has fainted.
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