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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with madambeth
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Jilly: A little late, aren’t we? Looking after those Kindergarten children you teach? Coffee’s getting cold.
madambeth: Oops – sorry! I was out catching up on the Philadelphia Eagles. They are the best! You’d be interested in them – they’ve got this new Aussie Rules player – Sav Rocca. He …
Jilly: Oh – I don’t follow Aussie Rules. I’m a Rugby fan. (deftly dodging missiles from Melbourne) Roll on the World Cup! Watch out the All Blacks! (artfully avoiding attack from New Zealand)
madambeth: Well, the Eagles are way up there for me. I’m a committed fan – just like I am for Crossing Jordan.
Jilly: And you have been since … let me do my sums…since you were 18? What was it that attracted the attention of a teenager?
madambeth: My mom told me she saw previews for this new show and that the lead character reminded her of me. In personality, that is. She was basically calling me a pain in the ass.
Jilly: So, of course, you had to watch it.
madambeth: Yeah. I was in love with it by the time Max told Jordan, “You can’t go through life poking everybody but God in the eye.” I suddenly understood the parallels that mom was drawing between Jordan and myself.
Jilly: But it’s not just Jordan, is it?
madambeth: Certainly isn’t. It’s a great ensemble cast. The way they work together is another of the things I love about the show.
Jilly: And your favorite episodes are …?
madambeth: Love “The Gift of Life” from Season 1 and the way it sets up Jordan’s relationship with Dr. M. Loved “There’s No Place Like Home” because it showed that Woody’s feelings for Jordan have gone beyond puppy love. Call me crazy, but I loved “Revealed’ and the way it showed us Nigel.
Jilly: But you’ve been more than just a fan, haven’t you. You’ve been writing Crossing Jordan stories since 2003. You must be the youngest member of the writing team. Seems to me you’re fascinated by the ‘what if?’
madambeth: What if Woody had gone after Jordan to Washington instead of Garret, you mean?
Jilly: Yes – “Walking After You” – a Nina La Vough piece – showed us that. But what if …
madambeth: What if they’d got it right? Well, THEY didn’t, so WE will! What if they hadn’t given us that steaming pile of …
Jilly: You know what? I think I understand your motivation for being a part of VS7.
madambeth: Two things. I know most of the people on the team and many of them I consider close friends. We’ve written together for many years. And I believe that we can make it happen, and make it happen right! If nothing more, we hope to give the fans what they deserve for all the years they gave this show.
Jilly: So, do you deserve another cup of coffee?
madambeth: Aah – no thanks.
Jilly: Oh, come on! I may be Australian – but it isn’t instant!
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