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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with mecedeme
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Jilly: Great that you’re here, mecedeme – just in time ..
Mecedeme: … to tell you about Crossing Jordan? You don’t have to ask me twice to talk about my favourite TV show. In fact …
Jilly: Well, just in time for a fresh cup of coffee, actually. And I’d really like to talk about your life as a Canadian ….
Mecedeme: Did you know Jill Hennessy is Canadian? She’s been honoured in Canada’s Walk of Fame. As she should be! Crossing Jordan is so classy…
Jilly: …teacher. You seem to have met so many challenges with distinction, You’ve taught French, computers, Art, Drama ..
Mecedeme: Yeah! Crossing Jordan is great TV drama. You know, I’ve watched it since the pilot episode. When Jordan held this guy’s brains in her hand and kicked her boss in the …
Jilly: … so you must be nuts about your job. You’d have to be to teach eighth graders. Zoo Keeping more like it! But then, you’ve got two teenage sons. And a husband who likes to play World of Warcraft online. And a dog with the brains of his food dish. But your cat’s different. Your cat’s your … Muse?
Mecedeme: Oh, yes. You see, I’ve become a writer. I found the Fan Fiction website, and I was in heaven! In April 2007 I actually wrote and posted a fanfiction and actually got some very sweet reviews. So I kept writing. You can imagine how devastated I was when the network whose name shall not pass my lips cancelled my show. But, miracle of miracles, I was invited to join the VS7 team. When I got that email, I fairly danced around the house.
Jilly: And how did your family …
Mecedeme: It’s all about family. The morgue’s a family. See how they look out for each other. Look how Macy cares for Jordan, look at Abby, look at the family issues Jordan has to work through, look at Bug and Lily and Madeline …
Jilly: Whoa!
Mecedeme: WoJo? Now that can really get me started! I’m a shipper from way back. I’m a romantic comedy addict. In your life you’ve just got to have room …
Jilly: Room for more coffee?
Mecedeme: Coffeerooms? Oh, yes - wonderful people. They’re like family too. When they cancelled Crossing Jordan we all ranted, raved, chatted and generally mourned the loss. But look what’s come out of it – Virtual Season 7! I’m the junior member of the team (at 40 I love being ‘junior’ anything!). It’s a tough row to hoe. I have lots to learn about effective writing, especially dialogue. Nyn has been absolutely marvellous helping me. She’s not only a gifted author, but a gifted teacher as well. She has the patience of a saint. She has so much to teach …
Jilly: Well, it’s been fascinating to talk about teaching and about family with you. You must come again some time. Next time, perhaps, we can talk about Crossing Jordan.
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