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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with NCCJFAN

Jilly: Sit down, sit down, nccj. I’ve really been looking forward to having you swing by coffee, but I did wonder whether you’d ever have time to make it.
NCCJ: Well, I suppose I do lead a busy life, wear a number of different hats …
Jilly: Yes, indeed, you’re a High School Principal. At a Performing Arts High School. What is it with teachers and Crossing Jordan?
NCCJ: Oh, perhaps they’re used to the different directions that people can take in their lives, the potential for growth and change, the way women particularly have to battle institutions and authorities.
Jilly: Very CJ, isn’t it! But it’s not really heavy stuff like that that has you watching Crossing Jordan, is it?
NCCJ: To be honest, I’ve watched it from the pilot, because Jill Hennessy was in it. Loved her in Law and Order and was incredibly annoyed when Wolfe killed her off (almost as bad as being left on the side of that mountain, hmmmm?)
Jilly: And you’ve loved every minute of CJ?
NCCJ: Aaah – yeah – I like them all. No! I’ve got to be honest here ‘Embraceable You’ sucks! On many, many, many levels. First, they screwed up with Jordan’s birthday, which was such an important detail in relation to her mother’s death. Then there was Woody and the ring, and he wouldn’t let Jordan talk at the end of the episode. What would she have said – I want to know! As I’m sure you do too.
Jilly: Certainly – I …
NCCJ: Don’t stop me! I’m on a roll here! Another thing I want to know :) – never mind Jordan and Woody – what did Jill say to Jerry when he was on that gurney being wheeled into surgery?
Jilly: You’ve got me there. So, perhaps we could talk about Season 5 …
NCCJ: Don’t get me started. I think I took a lot of my frustration out through my own writing.
Jilly: 57 CJ stories – not counting Nina La Vough! You were a bit tough on Woody at times.
NCCJ: Certainly was. I think I’d have shaken him ’til his eyeballs rattled if he’d been standing in front on me … hmmm ….hold that thought …standing in front of me …
Jilly: aah – nc – focus – come back here – tell me some more about yourself. What’s a favorite hobby?
NCCJ: er – oh – Ballroom dancing. I hold national and international titles in swing dancing. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Trust me. And I love the way the dance metaphor is used with Jordan and Woody. All those moves, those twists and turns and ultimately a partnership, a pairing.
Jilly: That showed when you wrote “Sway With Me”, I think. And you quilt, and write text books, and read …
NCCJ: Kathy Reich’s a favorite. I like to watch Bones – will it fill the CJ void? I love my job, love my kids (both biological and non-biological!)
Jilly: And now you write for VS7. Why is that?
NCCJ: One word: CLOSURE! The way it needs to be. If that lot out there can’t do it properly, we need to show them how it’s done.
Jilly: And after that?
NCCJ: Oh – retirement by the time I’m 50! Or a career change writing curriculum more than part time. But I can really see myself in St Augustine, Florida. A little blue-haired lady …
Jilly: … living in a trailer park …
NCCJ: …pink flamingos in the front yard, bird bath and plastic flowers, a honkin’ big convertible Caddie, orthopedic shoes …
Jilly: I think I’ll join you. More coffee, dear?
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