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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Nynaeve1723

Jilly: Hello … hello there, Nyn. Nyn? Are you there? Weren’t you supposed to be meeting me for coffee?
Nyn: mmwff ppwwgg …
Jilly: What’s that? Nyn? I can’t see you! Can’t understand you! Where are you?
Nyn: Underneath this pile of scrapbooks! I’m just trying to get them in order. What with travel and recipes and …
Jilly: … and of course Crossing Jordan. There must be one for …
Nyn: Oh, it’s a work in progress. And I have to say, it’s going to be an enormous - a fantastic - work. Probably my best scrapbook yet.
Jilly: I’m not surprised. You’ve been collecting - and creating - CJ material for a long time.
Nyn: Certainly have. I’ve been writing CJ fanfic since 2005.
Jilly: Around 65 pieces in all … not counting the Nina La Vough pieces.
Nyn: Aah! Nina! You know, I wrote fanfic for The X-Files and for Buffy and indeed for several others, but it wasn’t until CJ that I started writing collaboratively. What an experience that has been. The Ninas are part of our VS7 team, you know.
Jilly: Yes – already spoken to a few of them. So, your fanfics cover a whole range of CJ experiences. You seem to be a bit of a Jordan/Woody aficionado but you’ve written much more widely than that.
Nyn: And just as well, too. VS7 is not just a series of WoJo moments. It’s 31 episodes covering the experiences of the whole cast. Written, I have to say, as Series 6 should have been written! Or even more to the point, as a certain network should have written their own Series 7. But I’m over that. On with the show, I say. Even if we have to write it ourselves.
Jilly: It’s a big ask, Nyn. So, who’s involved?
Nyn: Writers, artists, a website host – a whole range of people across a broad spectrum of occupations and age. We’ve got someone in every decade from their second to their sixth. Shows you the appeal the show had to such a wide range of viewers. I think you’re going to meet them all for a chat.
Jilly: So, how do you fit all this in to a busy life? You still do some teaching for scrapbooking, you work in a scrapbook store, you love to travel, you’re an avid reader. Very impressive bookshelf over there.
Nyn: All of the those. And yes, this VS7 is a time-consuming and intricate business but the team is great and our potential virtual viewers already so supportive. And fortunately my husband is supportive also. I disappear, it seems, for days at a time. Nigel’s aliens, I think. Or maybe a hangover from X-File days. It’s certainly a challenge, but then, CJ is all about facing challenges.
Jilly: You’ve a few of your own, I believe. Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in your mid-30s.
Nyn: Sure. That’s led to some changes of direction. I don’t teach as much as I used to. Check out the website at if you want a greater understanding of it. But I’m busy writing. And scrapbooking, And travelling, And sorting out recipes from my travelling. Apart from VS7, I’m (according to the latest jargon) a “pre-published” writer. It’ll be good to find a publisher one day so I can look those rejection slips in the eye and tell them where to get off.
Jilly: You live in a busy household, then. All of that, and two cats …
Nyn: Shhh! Don’t tell them they’re cats! They think they’re children.
Jilly: You know, you really do need to come over for coffee – there’s always room for coffee – or is that ‘there’s always Coffeerooms’? I should really ask you about …
Nyn: Later. I’ve got to get back to mmwff ppwwgg …
Jilly: Yes, I see, Well, actually I don’t … see: you’ve disappeared again. But come September 30, I will surely be heading across to Virtual Season 7 in the Crossing Jordan Encyclopedia. See you there!
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