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Coffee with Jilly: Interviews of Distinction
Interview with Sam Lover
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Jilly: Hi Sam L – thanks for inviting me. Coffee at last, eh?
Sam Lover: Hmmm. I could do with a nice strong ..
Jilly: … long black coffee?
Sam Lover: …Long Island Ice Tea, actually. Does wonders.
Jilly: You won’t get any argument from me on that. Or on anything to do with Crossing Jordan either, I’m inclined to think. You’d have to be the complete fan.
Sam Lover: Well, I do like Jill Hennessy and the work she does. I zipped up to Canada for her Walk of Fame award - what a great moment! I’ve got a copy of all of Jill’s work. Except “Getaway Weekend” – where IS that darn thing?
Jilly: So, a significant part of your life has been taken up with Crossing Jordan?
Sam Lover: A significant part of my house is taken up with Crossing Jordan!
Jilly: I understand. I’m just inside the front door and I can see two CJ posters, a show placard, a cast signed photograph …
Sam Lover: … two actually.
Jilly: And you’ve got six seasons’ tapes,
Five t-shirts
Sam Lover:

For what it’s worth …
Three sweat shirts
Two CJ hats
and a …

Jilly: … a partridge in a pear tree?
Sam Lover: Well, I was going to say “and a pair of jeans decorated by Jill and Marco”.
Jilly: And that’s not counting the jackets, signed scripts, gym bag, the watches and over 200 magazine articles and photos of Jill and Co. To say nothing of the CJ poker set. That’s a humungous amount of material.
Sam Lover: My husband would say way too much.
Jilly: I’m glad you can smile at that. Now, Sam L, there’s one thing I have to ask you. That interview with Tim Kring – just what did he say?
Sam Lover: Aaah, Jilly. I could tell you …
Jilly: … but then …
Sam Lover: … I’d have to kill you. It’s enough to say that we didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. I’m still mightily upset about the way they treated our show. I’ve got many great things in my life, but Crossing Jordan is special. It shows how a woman can take difficulties by the scruff of the neck and shake them ’til they rattle.
Jilly: Oh, indeed. But those other things in your life include …
Sam Lover: … two wonderful teenagers: a son who plays football and who went looking for another show for mom to watch when Crossing Jordan was cancelled, and a daughter who loves to dance but who hates getting up early on Saturdays, even if we are heading to New York to shop. I just tell her if she’s got the energy to dance with Regina Belle, she can rustle up enough energy to go to Hennessy Tavern with her mom. And a great husband who puts up with …
Jilly: … all things Crossing Jordan.
Sam Lover: I suspect he doesn’t mind. Jill’s not hard to look at, is she? It’s also great, you know, sharing thoughts about the show on Coffeerooms and how that one interest has led to a community genuinely concerned for others’ lives and experiences. I don’t think that’s happened on too many other boards.
Jilly: That’s true. Even to the point of supporting Chad’s charities, for example. The board is an affirming place for so many different people in so many different situations. They deserve …
Sam Lover: … they deserve much better than THAT network dished out to them. They deserve VS7. And the CJ cast and crew deserve our thanks and NBC deserves any low ratings that come its way and TK deserves …
Jilly: Now that’s really socking it to ’em. Need another Long Island Ice Tea?
Sam Lover: Don’t mind if I do. Did I tell you what …

Jilly settles down hopefully. She could tell you about the ensuing conversation but then she’d have to kill you.

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